Kiznaiver : If You Can Swallow a Bizarre Situation Like This So Easily, Two Buckets of Barium Shouldn’t Be a Problem

Episode 2

“Konna Ijou Jitai Kantan ni Nomi Komen Nara Barium Nanza Bucket Nihai wa Karuku Yoyuu Dattsuno” (こんな異常事態カンタンに飲みこめんならバリウムなんざバケツ二杯は軽く余裕だっつーの)

The premise of the show has been laid out in front of us and it seems that we are in for our first mission with the Kiznaivers.

It seems like such a simple test.

Introduce yourself to your new friends.

What this actually meant was to lay bare your soul like you would a close friend.

Whilst I get the point of it I’m not sure of how they went about it. The point is to bring people together by showing them the pain that they feel but with no actual emotional connection even learning people’s deepest secrets (the most difficult thing to say) isn’t truly teaching each other how they felt.

Tenga being afraid of dogs, Yuta being fat when he was younger or Nico not actually believing in fairies but pretending to be eccentric so no one hated her is hardly earth shattering news that made them bond. They laughed at each other. It was just information. It meant nothing. It wasn’t like getting to know someone and truly feeling like you’ve learnt about them it was being forced to learn.

Katsuhira I still don’t get and I find it difficult to care about him but it was obvious from the start that Chidori was in love with him. The whole process seemed to purely be about bringing them two together to open Katsuhira up a little but that isn’t meant to be the point of the experiment. Its meant to bring them ALL together and it didn’t do that, or if it did then I’m not sure why it would.

Maki then revealing that she had killed someone was left on a cliffhanger.

Forcing a bond on people on fear of pain and death is hardly doing any good for the world. You want the world to stop going to war with each other then torturing innocents isn’t going to help. Whilst I find the point of the bonding of pain interesting the theory and the practise are going in two different directions.

It makes you wonder just who this person really is and why the teachers are allowing it all to happen.

The fact that they feel each others pain could have been interesting enough on its own without having to force them to befriend each other at super sonic speeds. Interesting back stories and characters would have brought enough drama. I don’t see why there has to be so much forced drama on the characters.

I guess the point was that pain comes in all different forms. Pain through fear, through actions of the past, through losing things that meant something to you, through your own feelings of inadequacy….

None of that was shared though and that is where I think the episode lost the point. No one FELT Tenga’s pain of being so scared of something that you have to research to the finest point everything about that thing so that you never let on that you have a fear of it. They heard the words but they didn’t feel that pain. No one FELT Yuta’s pain of his past being known. They laughed, they tried to make him feel better but they wouldn’t have known his pain then or his pain at being reminded that there was a then. They didn’t dwell long enough on any of their secrets for the others to understand them. Just saying these things don’t mean people understand them. They are hard to say because its hard for others to understand but the point was meant to be that they shared these pains to make the world a better place.

The only one whose pain was truly felt was Chidori but that was because she was slapping the hell out of Katsuhira for good measure. No one will understand her pain unless you’ve been in love and seen it change for the worst right in front of you.

Next episode though my full attention is on Maki.


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