Tanaka-Kun is Always Listless : Apprenticeship Application

Episode 2

“Deshiiri shigan” (弟子入り志願)

I feel a real emotional bond with Tanaka. Still on the look out for my own Ohta!

Maybe I’m doing it wrong. Actually using my energy up writing a review? Maybe I need to be taught how to be more listless?

We are introduced to another character this episode.

Miyano is a classmate of Tanaka’s and wants to be listless just its completely against her personality. She’s eager to follow in Tanaka’s footsteps. She gets excited easily, upset fast and is always energetically attempting to copy Tanaka.

At no point does she realise that to be truly listless you must just be.

How can you put hard work into being listless? You must just let it sweep over you like the calming feeling of sleepiness.

When she talked about being in love with someone I guessed it was Tanaka but kind of want it to be Ohta because obviously he spends his life carrying Tanaka around so I thought she’d think that Ohta wanted someone to be just like Tanaka. Either way it didn’t really matter. We got words of wisdom from Tanaka and then the real fun started.

She became the master of listlessness.

It didn’t stick, she’s not naturally listless and the reasoning behind her listlessness once more points to her unnaturalness to listlessness.

She was wondering who was in the mascot costumes, because they were too short to be adults. It got all muddled up in her head till she’d come up with them being robots intent on destroying mankind and only she could stop them when in actual fact the answer was just it was probably short adults like her.

Whilst her imagination ran wild she was able to give the performance of listlessness but she was never truly listless as her mind was racing.

I liked her addition to the team. I love that there are so many strange characters and they work well together. Even Tanaka stopped being listless enough to hold back Miyano from nearly getting hurt.

My favourite scene was her heartfelt goodbye to strawberry milk. It can not fill the gap in her heart no more.

Miyano. Take it from a adult. You will return to strawberry milk because life is cruel and strawberry milk never turns its back on you no matter how many times you do to it. Never feel like the milk doesn’t have a place in your heart because you’ll learn… It does.

Then again she’s not properly listless so she just doesn’t understand.

I don’t think anyone will.

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