One Piece : Little Pirate Games

Chapter 824

So much going on all over the world. I wonder what is going to happen next.

Its a chapter of three parts.

First (and a little later on) is the Save Sanji Crew. After the initial shock of learning what has happened to the revolutionary army and Luffy freaking out over seeing his father for the first time there isn’t much room for anything other then craziness from him. He burns down the ship, OK not quite that bad but he burns it down a little. He’s used up all the food and made something no one can eat with it.

I loved Luffy’s reaction to seeing his dad, it was funny. I loved how he said they look nothing alike and it was nice to see people reacting to him worrying more about Sabo then Dragon which is the way he WOULD act seeing that he’d never met his father before.

The two parts of their story broke up the other two stories.

The first was the people on Zou realising they can’t feel safe and must stay vigilant just in case Jack returns whilst Kaido loses his shit elsewhere. He isn’t impressed with the Worst Generation. He’s not impressed with anything. Plus he’s in a dangerous mood. He also has a badly beat up Eustass Kid with him.

The other part is the part I’d been waiting and dreading.

We get to see Sanji, he’s being shown around Big Mom’s domain. The people showing him around seem to hope that he’ll be impressed and will just give up and join Big Mom’s crew, Sanji says he’d refuse to cook for anyone but his friends.

Its nice to see that Sanji is well unfortunately the part I dreaded was also there. Of course his bride-to-be is pretty and it seems that the normal Sanji falling in love with everyone thing is going to happen. I do love Sanji and his quirks but I was hoping we’d get something more serious with him. His emotion for his Crew should trump his random flaw of falling in love with everyone. I love Sanji but as funny as the joke can be it kind of needs to be put to rest a little bit at the same time now.

So does this mean that Luffy is going to have to force Sanji to leave? Will Sanji leave on his own accord? Will he get married and have her wait for him?

I do love Sanji but sometimes I wish he’d just stop.

Loved the chapter. I really love Kaido. I don’t just want to see the Emperors fall to Luffy I kind of want to get to see them being Emperors too. I feel we will see that, I mean I know we will because we’re always given a lot of background on all the characters we meet, but I kind of just want to see the difference between a Emperor and the rest of them.

I mean Kaido, Black Beard and Shanks are all deadly cool. Shanks is the whole reason I started reading the series. I kinda want another war. This time one against the Emperors. I don’t know why. I just really want it.

First off though I’m dying to see more of Big Mom! Can’t wait.

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