Bakuon!! : School!!

Episode 2

“Gakkō!!” (がっこう!!)

The first episode was real sweet and I enjoyed it a lot but there were bits here and there that I was unsure about. My love of Motorcycles meant that the jokes didn’t go sailing over my head and I had a good laugh at the manufacturer war of opinion between the girls.

Plus regardless of anything else its nice to see ANYTHING with girls talking about bikes with actual passion.

We start the episode learning about Rin and her father. It all ties into her love for Suzuki. Her father kept failing his big bike license test but wanted to ride the newest Suzuki bike which you’d only get if you wrote a essay on how much passion you have to ride it. Rin tried to cheer her dad up and caused a accident. It left you for a moment or so thinking that her father died in that accident when she was young but flashes to the present where she has her license and her father has the Suzuki of his dreams.

A sweet way to show why Rin will defend Suzuki’s to the death.

It was nice spending a whole episode just seeing them all interact. With knowing why Rin can’t stand down from her stance on Suzuki’s it only made the chemistry even more interesting.

We were introduced to Hijiri and her butler, as she doesn’t have a license her butler drives for her. She’s obsessed with being a “bad girl” which is funny in itself. After seeing the bickering Rin and Onsa she announces that they should have a game of chicken and the anime takes a different turn when the bunch of them show up in the dark to play chicken against each other. Hijiri and her butler win purely because they go flying into the river instead of braking and it was nice that Raimu was instantly seen as a threat against Hijiri and her butler.

They ended the episode with Hane going for her license without her bike helping her. She looks like she’s going to fail until her friends take her mind off the fact that her bike no longer basically rides itself for her and her brain snaps back into what she had to do.

I loved the episode and most of the things I disliked about the first episode was put to rest in this one.

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