Bakuon!! : Debut!!

Episode 3


Hane has a license so the next step is to buy a bike and then the bike club is off the ground!

So much that I loved about the episode and it really is  the only show that I’ve actually made a effort to catch (I did watch episode 2 last week I just never got around to writing the review!)

Hane decides she wants a Su-Four like she trained on and ends up buying a pink Honda CB400SF Hyper VTEC Spec III. She buys it from Onsa’s father who runs a second hand bike shop… Which if you know of Matilda is much like the Wormwoods second hand car store. Onsa isn’t proud of herself and doesn’t want Hane to buy from her family knowing that they do up bikes and cheat people a little but Hane see’s the pink Su-Four and falls in love.

When she gets her helmet on she’s completely gone.

I love that each of the girls personalities are kind of shown in their bikes. Hane doesn’t pretend to know anything about bikes she just wants to be free and ride them. Their passion shines through which is nice, it gives both serious and funny moments galore.

The more I see of Rins dad the more I dislike him by the way. The Katana that Rin drives is from the store and he thinks its hilarious. He’s just annoying.

The middle of the episode see’s the group out on their first ride together. Hijiri installs mics and headphones into their helmets so they can talk together on the ride, only getting as far as loading the mic into Rin’s helmet before she leaves. Its nice to see them relax but was also fun to hear Rin singing along as she rode and as Hane said also nice to see she’s just like the others when she gets the helmet on.

We learn something new about Raimu this time out. Turns out she isn’t a school girl! In fact she’s in her thirties and was at school with the headmaster and in the old bike club. After dodgy maintenance on her bike in a race Raimu was in a accident which seemed to close down the bike club and she has to promise to keep the girls safe if she wants the club to reopen.

I’d like to learn more about Raimu, why its taken so long to reopen it, why she’s even bothering or why the headmaster allows her to do it.

Really didn’t like the attitude of the headmaster. The whole bikes and girls don’t mix attitude was horrible after all the accident with Raimu was down to a accident at a race. Sure Rin also falls off her bike in front of her (not in a accident way in a turning it around and losing balance way) but its a horrible way to think.

Also even though its classed as a sports anime I kind of don’t want them to become races. I quite like just seeing them hang out on bikes. The Slice of Life aspect is much more promising then any sports part. That is coming from someone who up until a few years ago watched MotoGP religiously!

Now we have all the practising and getting used to things out of the way it feels like the door is open to some really wonderful tales and I kind of want to see them have fun and prove that girls and bikes aren’t a bad mix.

I won’t like it if this is some heartful attempt by Raimu to win a race or something like that. It just wouldn’t feel right. Plus it would leave Hijiri out as she doesn’t have a license.

Man I’m still just upset by the uppity headmaster!

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