Mawaru Penguindrum : Tamahomare Girl

Episode 7

“Tamahomare-suru Onna” (タマホマレする女)

Sometimes Fate can be cruel as Ringo is about to learn.

Ringo is so certain that she’ll be able to win over Tabuki no matter what that its hard to watch this episode.

For a start the show has really swung to be about her recently. There is still a lot of mysteries surrounding Kanba and what he’s up to but its small pieces here and there mixed in with all the Ringo stuff.

As I said this episode is hard to watch if you feel any kind of sympathy for the girl. I ranted about it last week and I’ll rant about it again at any given moment but this is the week where Shoma see’s that its pointless and tries to focus her elsewhere. Unfortunately Shoma himself is also blinded by his own objective that Ringo knows about so it falls not only on deaf ears but rightfully so. He doesn’t really have her best interests at heart which is sad because if he spent a little time listening to her and putting 2 and 2 together he’d actually be able to figure out that all she needs is someone to tell her to go live her life and she’d probably hand him the diary over.

Why is the episode hard to watch then?

Its hard to watch because its the breaking point over Ringo’s “Destiny”.

Not only does a date with Tabuki end up being all Yuri’s doing to get Ringo close to her but she also invites her to a party where she makes the announcement of her and Tabuki’s engagement. All of the destiny that Ringo thinks she’s meant to have with Tabuki is shattered.

The cruelest part is that I think Yuri enjoys doing it.

You see in the other episode she was talking about Ringo’s curry and how she’ll keep it all a secret. Instead of saying nothing she had to make a big deal out of it. Not only that but it wasn’t as simple as saying she knew she had to tell Ringo that Tabuki “practically” praised her cooking. Maybe that is just a problem with the translation but in English that isn’t a good thing. Then she told Ringo outright she wouldn’t win. So when Yuri finally won she had to have Ringo centre stage to see it.

The horrible thing is Ringo and Shoma are made for each other and both are so caught up with the drama in their lives that they can’t see it. They make a adorable couple and if Ringo just helped Shoma with his problem she’d have a whole new family right there that care. Himari loves her and Kanba would get used to her and Shoma is just like Kanba in the way that he’ll do anything for the people he cares about. If they stopped butting heads over this they’d make quite the formidable team.

Like after the engagement they go to do some strange voodoo shit together, again its funny in so much that its presented to us to make us laugh but in actual fact its really horribly sad.

Either way Ringo is on her way to do something she really doesn’t want to do….


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