Plymouth Wrestling Association : 7th Anniversary Show

PWA’s April show as always is their Anniversary show and they had a stacked card with all their championships on the line plus the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

So you already know its going to be a good one.

Chuck Mambo wins by pin fall

For the opening match this was really good. I loved the bright and happy Mambo and his ever cheerful attempts to bond with Baine.

It wasn’t as one sided as I thought it would be, Mambo expertly took control of much of the match not only by outpacing Baine but by annoying him. His cheerfulness as well as interesting ways to get out of holds seemed to baffle Baine who spent most of the time trying to keep up with Mambo.

What I really liked about Mambo was he had great balance. He was able to spring up onto the ropes and stand or sit in whatever position he wanted. Plus he had turtles on his trousers.

Brilliant start to the night, Mambo winning was very popular and it engaged the crowd in what was going to be a action packed evening.

Josh Knott / Robin Lekimie / Earl Black Jr win by pin fall

Well Caine and Knott have found bigger and meaner looking friends. In between the boos and chants of Curries Chips (I love that chant) they did announce something I just didn’t hear it.

Lekimie and Black worked well with Knott so whatever their point was that was lost to me on the microphone it was made with their talent in the ring. Lekimie actually looked like he’d behead someone if given the chance and really stole the match. Whenever he was in the ring he slowed the pace down and took complete control and ended up getting a great win.

I loved the team work from The Bristol Boys and Max Alexander though. Alexander complimented their faster style really easily and they worked well together. It was sad that the Bristol Boys didn’t win though you did get the rather cute picture of one of them being dragged out of the ring after being driven into the mat pretty harshly.

But you’d never hear a bigger boo then for the winning team. Its love. Obviously.

Pollyanna wins by pin fall

This was pretty much one of my absolute favourite matches of the night. Both Jinny and Pollyanna were just amazing.

Jinny controlled the majority of the match using the length of her legs to a advantage. Pollyanna didn’t really get a chance to get close to her without having a boot thrown at her or knees up in her face. Really enjoyed Jinny’s whole character and the way she took control of the crowd.

Pollyanna did her best to overcome her though and got a good win in the end. Loved some of the fights up on the top rope between the two, they made it look so simple. They went right at it from the beginning of the match right to the end, showed some of the men a thing or two as well. Probably the joint best match of the night along with the main event. Really hope to see both women again soon as they were just brilliant.

Though… I did hate Pollyanna’s entrance music. I will complain at length at the butchering of the GoT theme. Its the only part of GoT I like!

El Ligero wins by pin fall

How to describe this match?

I have a video of Kirby trying to imitate Ligero by hanging upside down in the corner, failing, falling back down and declaring he hurt his willy.

I also have a group of photos of them lying down in the ring together though unfortunately missed getting a photo of Kirby accidentally chucking himself out of the ring on the other side.

Plus photo evidence that Ed Dyer would make a great tag team partner to any one as he held onto Kirby’s foot (confusedly) whilst Ligero went on the attack.

Two absolutely super talented guys who tore the house down not only because it was a brilliant match but because it was such a fun one to watch too. I could honestly have watched them all night long. Kirby seemed to have the upper hand most of the match, every time Ligero went for a high flying move he’d be at the ropes knocking him down. But it was like trying to swat a fly, he might have grounded Ligero a number of times but as soon as he tried to do anything at all Ligero had disappeared to the other side of the ring.

The fast pace and comedy of the match was needed. Other then the added addition of another match later on this was pretty much the middle match and each match had been pretty long (a good thing don’t get me wrong) so you needed something up beat and entertaining whilst still being great to keep the crowd going.

They did it too. The crowd went wild for both of them and it ended with a great win for Ligero. Absolutely loved the match.

Tyler Hawke wins by pin fall

Match was a lot slower then I thought it would be. Hawke showed his class and his talent all match long but it felt like it took forever to actually get going.

Possibly the happiest news going into the event was the news that Hawke would be fit enough to fight in the title match and was even more happy for him after he won it. It was about time he was holding a belt and he’ll make a fine Heavyweight champion. He even won it twice just to be on the safe side, the first time with a assist from Jason King who came up and took out Harding when the ref wasn’t looking. King was then chucked out of the ring and chased from the building by Krieger, who came armed with a chair. The match was then restarted and thankfully was real short before Hawke finally got the pin fall again.

Recent injuries to both probably didn’t help either of them but it did kind of feel like King stopped the match just as it was getting good.

After the match there was a emotional speech from Harding about how much Hawke deserved the belt before he called out Grayson Reeves.

Not the best match of the night but one of the best results. Happy for Hawke.

Grayson Reeves wins by pin fall

After beating up Harding last month and joining forces with Jason King, Harding called out Reeves giving him the opportunity for his belt as long as he can beat him in 5 minutes. If he doesn’t beat him in 5 minutes then Grayson had to leave PWA forever (eeevvvvvveeerrrrrrr….)

I ended up in the strange position of actually cheering for Grayson Reeves. Its never happened before as far as I can tell but I did this time out. I’m also extremely happy he won.

With a match already under his belt there wasn’t much of a fight to give to Reeves from Harding, and the no DQ rule was kind of pointless. Personally I think it would have been better if Reeves had gone into the match and won it easily instead of all the stuff on the outside and him not letting Harding back in the ring but either way it put the belt on Reeves and with him and Jason King running around the place making nuisance of themselves I’m excited to see what they get up to.

I would also like to point out nothing in the world will ever be able to hide Jason King. Just the way he walks and sits down is unique to him.

Joel Redman wins by pin fall

Another really good showcase of some of the best UK talent on offer right now.

The first time I saw Redman I didn’t particularly care for him but I really loved his attitude in this match. Mastiff is huge and they played on it as you’d expect. There was a lot of attempts at roll ups or picking him up that ended with Redman being squashed, which was all very fun to watch. It was kind of like watching a bull fight, Mastiff charging in at Redman and him doing his best not to be gored.

In the end Redman won. Kinda wished Mastiff had because I really thought he was awesome. Not a bad match.

Special Edition wins by pin fall

I’m sure last month I made a point that it should be illegal for PJ Jones to lose anything and here he goes losing again. I’m going to have to start rethinking my heroes because it just isn’t good enough.

Only the second time I’ve seen Special Edition but man do I love them. They had a real hard fight to get those belts though, there is a reason that The Winner and the UK Dominator had held those belts for so long. There were a lot of similar comedy moments in the match from the last time I saw them just played a little differently. I loved that they really didn’t seem impressed. Whichever one started the match was wearing one of the guys in the crowds Right Said Fred t-shirt to wind up the UK Dominator and after sending Jones scuttling to a corner started screaming Winner at him.

Both teams did their best to interact with the fans whether to encourage them to chant Loser and Right Said Fred at their opponents or to tell them to shut up. Got the fans to hold both the UK Dominator and PJ Jones down in corners. It was needed at this point because it was getting late and extremely difficult to find a comfy way to sit on the chairs so their interaction with the crowd was perfect to not only keep us with them in their match but keep us focused on the show.

Special Edition are great, I really like watching them. As I said in the last review I’d love to see them defend the titles against the Bristol Boys at some point because those two were just great against each other.

Its sad that PJ Jones and the UK Dominator have lost the titles though. Sad, sad day.

Drew Galloway wins by pin fall

What a way to end the night. Eddie Ryan did himself proud and went toe to toe with one of the best in the world. At one point I was so into the match I honestly thought he’d won. I knew Eddie Ryan wasn’t going to walk out of Plymouth with the TNA belt but I really did think he was about to. It was one of the best matches I’ve seen Ryan in and that’s saying something because he’s always in amazing matches.

I didn’t realise just how tall Drew Galloway was till he towered over me at ring side. Dude is tall and actually it was the first time Ryan looked small.

I said it above in the women’s match that this was tied with it as best of the night and for good reason. The whole night had been spectacular but this was just something else. The crowd were actually pretty split between cheering for our home town boy or the TNA Champ and both gave the fans something to cheer about. I couldn’t really see what was happening when the action went out of the ring but it did look at one point like Eddie Ryan had been thrown like a doll against a wall, it could have been a trick of my poor eyesight but that is what it looked like. There was at least one real violent kick to the face which didn’t look very fun.

Eddie didn’t give up though. He never does and he really proved just how good he is. They really blew the house down and if you need proof of how good it was I don’t have that many photos of the match because I spent most of it too busy getting angry at the ref for reasons unknown. When we thought Eddie had won I thought my mum was going to murder Ed Dyer (the ref) for pointing out that Galloways foot was on the rope. Now I love him as a ref so my sadness was brief but I feel my mum will be booing him even louder from now on.

Eddie might not have won the TNA title but next time I see him wrestle he’ll be up for another belt and I know he’ll win that one.

Simply the only way to end the night.


It was a long one. A real long one. I don’t know what time the show actually started or even really ended but by the end you’d gotten more then your moneys worth.

So many great matches up and down the card with so much brilliant talent. All the matches were given enough time to show off each and every person involved. There was a lot of title changes, OK all the titles changed, and it gives it a real fresh feeling.

The whole team should be proud of themselves because they outdid themselves with this one. There was such a happy and relaxed feel about it and everyone just seemed to be enjoying the night.

Its hard to pick favourites. Really liked the women’s match and the TNA Heavyweight championship match. Both the Six Man and tag team championship matches were great too but I have to say that Kirby and El Ligero was just something else entirely. There were just so many really crazy good matches.

Going forward there is just so much going for them. I look forward to seeing Tyler Hawke’s title reign, hoping its a nice long one. Also really looking forward to the shake up in the tag division after Special Edition won the titles. I also surprised myself by actually cheering for Grayson which never looked like it was going to happen so, that was a nice surprise. Though Jason King stole the show just by showing up. One day Krieger will get his hands on him, or that chair!

I did have Meet & Greet tickets but ended up with a migraine nearer the end of the night and getting a little bit anxious, plus it was very late so ended up leaving beforehand.

Really rather brilliant night.

(Honestly I went to a 7 year olds birthday party on the Saturday and I can say without a shadow of a doubt PWAs 7th Anniversary was much more fun even if it had no bowling…)

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