Quiet time…

So we haven’t really been around much during April, and we are sorry about that. I did obviously have a PWA Review to do today which I have completed but need to add photos to it and as I’m working tomorrow I’m not going to get to do that till tomorrow.

We started off all the anime just to not have time or motivation to carry on. Luc didn’t have time, I didn’t have motivation.

Amanda came back just to disappear again.

Man its terrible and I know it is.

I actually was very motivated most of the day, I got a lot of my Instagram photos loaded and actually did a lot to get the blog up and its only because I’m working tomorrow now that I’m giving up for the night.

If anything I’ll get around to writing some film reviews (as I’m getting even less motivated to do things because all I want to do is watch my Domhnall Gleeson movies and hide from the world) or at least publish the one anime review I have done but haven’t posted for some odd reason.

Me and Luc are still very busy but we’re hoping that this being the second week of my new rota at work will mean that I come home a little more motivated.

For anyone waiting for the PWA review (my two fans!) it was really good and I have lots of Bristol Boys and Josh Knott photos (they were in the same match Lucy! Lucky you…) It’ll defo be up tomorrow even if its the only thing up tomorrow!

We will try to do better I promise!


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