One Piece : A World Abuzz

Chapter 823

Luffy has left Zou, the teams are going their separate ways but the rest of the world keeps moving. We get a look at just what is happening away from our heroes right at this moment.

So Vivi is off to Mariejois with Hina of the Marines escorting her. She is off to the Reverie where her dad is hoping to find out what his family did all those years back. He seems haunted by his encounter with Nico Robin, and so should anyone because that girl suffered an for what?!

Then we meet Queen of the Goa Kingdom Sally Nantuckanet and King Stelly.

We also get to see some others that we’ve left behind including the Fishmen Island royals getting ready to hand in their petition to relocate their home.

The Reverie happens once every four years and seems to me to be a load of people (Kings and Queens) deciding on the fate of people who actually do something for a living.

Then again I’m kinda interested in seeing the Reverie so I hope we get to actually see it too.

We then go to Luffy’s crew who finds a stowaway in the shape of Carrot. Comedy ensues including her nearly killing Luffy over a carrot which she packed (thinking it’ll only take a day to get to where they are going) that Luffy ate and ended with her being accepted into the team. I’ve not laughed so much at the manga for a while it was just a lovely little crowded piece showing us the different personalities.

We end on the cliffhanger that the revolutionaries home Baltigo has been found and is in ruins. What does that all mean?

I like that we got a look at what was happening in other place. Interesting to see so many different people including Stelly with his Queen. As I said I really want to see what is discussed at the Reverie and meet some of the eccentric people that are going there. It seems like it’ll be a blast. But more importantly I really want to see Vivi’s dad ask the difficult questions that he seems willing to ask. I want to know more about why people would want this history to be lost, and yeah what did his ancestors do?

Honestly I could deal with a few weeks away from the main story of going to save Sanji if it means we get to spend some time with the Reverie or finding out what happened at Baltigo, though I guess that will happen together as its surely something that would be discussed at the Reverie.

Plus I want to see the Fishman Island Petition being brought to the table. I want to see them stand up for themselves.

This could be a really important and interesting part to the story. I really hope even if it is only parts here and there that we get to see more of it. I’m hoping nothing bad happens…. I had a feeling when seeing all these people going to one place that it would be the perfect place for someone like Black Beard to just kill a whole bunch of people… Lets hope that doesn’t happen.


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