RAW 11/4/16 Review

The week after WrestleMania was a lot of fun with some great NXT main roster debuts and Shane McMahon taking control.

With the announcement of Shane being in charge again lets see what this weeks RAW gives us.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Kevin Owens vs Cesaro
Winner : CESARO

The Lucha Dragons vs The Dudley Boyz

Natalya vs Charlotte (c)
Winner : NATALYA (DQ)

The Usos vs #SocialOutcasts
Winners : The Usos

AJ Styles vs Sami Zayn
Winner : AJ STYLES

Adam Rose vs Apollo Crews

Bray Wyatt / Roman Reigns vs The League of Nations


It really feels like as much as I liked the match against Shane and Taker at Mania two weeks of Shane in charge kind of makes it pointless.

Shane comes down to tell us that he’s going to do much the same. We get Charlotte vs Nattie for the championship, we get a tag team tournament to find out new number one contenders and Sami gets to take on AJ to join AJ as the number one contender for Payback.

There is a long list of things that aren’t fair and Kevin Owens wants Shane to know every single one of them to kick off RAW. Including demanding his rematch for the IC title. He ain’t going to get it though, he gets Cesaro and whoever wins THAT match gets the IC title match.

Please PLEASE don’t have Shane go ever again.

Cesaro wins by pin fall

This was the first match. IT WAS THE FIRST MATCH. What a match. Cesaro and Owens are wonderful anyway regardless but dude was this match great?

There was a lot of playing up to Cesaro’s shoulder which upset me so much because we only got like two spins of the Big Spin. I love me some spins. What we did get though was a great reversal of a cross face from Cesaro and another reminder of why I dislike the Neutraliser.

Owens makes me laugh constantly though, I loved the Headlock Master stuff and him throwing a hissy fit at ring side and replacing JBLs hat and apologising for going over the top.

It was a great match. I’m now even more excited!


Charlotte is backstage crying about how sad it is she has to win. She’s brilliant as a Heel and I never want to see her a Face again. I don’t know who Dr Phil is but LOVED that he told Charlotte that Ric was holding her back.

What I loved most about it?

Charlotte’s face. She has the perfect reaction to everything.

Dr Phil getting the Woo’s in before Ric made me laugh. Oh dear that was brilliant.


Owens got himself thrown out of the building for threatening Sami Zayn and possibly bringing attention to Shane’s grey hair. Sad times for Owens.


So if we’ve got a Tag Team Tournament to find new number one contenders for the New Day belts we kind of need to hear from New Day right?

We do. And its great. And the championship is apparently sponsored by Booty-Os which makes it even better. Some interesting looking brackets there with the two debuting teams of Vaudevillains and Cass and Enzo in there too. It isn’t anything interesting to start it off anyway.

The Dudley Boyz win by pin fall

We see the Dragons come down to the ring, come back from a break to find Kalisto on the floor outside injured. Bubba brings Sin Cara back into the ring and announces he was the legal man and him and D-Von start to beat down on the remaining Dragon.

It once again highlights that the US title is pointless at the moment. This time last year it was the hottest title around when Cena had it and his open challenges. Now Kalisto ends up spending a whole tag team match on the floor wriggling in pain.


The Dudleys obviously win and Enzo & Cass come down to once more attempt to bring the Dudley Boyz into the 21st Century. I love how when Enzo asked “How you doin’?” Bubba actually answered him. Why does Enzo exist? Because his parents got it on.

I love Enzo and Cass. I really want to see more of them and the Dudleys.


For the first time in months I’m very happy to see Roman coming down to the ring. Though I also kind of worry that they’ll do a U-turn with him and go back to having him do the bro thing with Ambrose again.

WE NEVER NEED TO HEAR HIS ANNOYING CATCHPHRASE AGAIN!!! Don’t make him say the same stupid thing over and over. He doesn’t need a catchphrase, and if he does don’t make it so stupid….

Not sure what the point of having him interrupted by the League of Nations is. Why would Reigns care about facing any of them? They get beaten by New Day on a weekly basis, Sheamus’s feud with Reigns was terrible and none of them are even in the running for the number one contender place anyway.

I loved League of Nations, everyone knows I loved them. The problem is they did nothing with them and now not only do they have Rusev… Yes RUSEV making jokes they just feel like a joke. They feel a step up from the #SocialOutcasts (and they WON’T be trending any time soon.) Which is a shame because it was a great idea to do something with a bunch of guys who can all main event.

As it is the Wyatt Family come down to take out the League leaving the strange situation of having the Wyatts in the ring with Roman Reigns without them fighting each other…

Shane likes this so makes a tag team match. Roman Reigns/Bray Wyatt vs Two members of the League of Nations.

The Wyatt Family vs League of Nations doesn’t make me any happier even though I love both because its just one great stable (that always loses) against a good idea of a stable (that always loses.)

Never mind.

I’m excited for the tag team match at least!


Natalya wins by submission

We have Dr Phil down at ringside to observe the match to see if Charlotte lives up as a champion and whether she can win the match without cheating.

The match was bloody brilliant with a silly ending. This is the third time that Charlotte has beaten Nattie and the ending hasn’t been anywhere near as good as the match that came before it.

Nattie is so good and her and Charlotte have spectacular matches every single time. I guess this is starting up a rift between Charlotte and Ric and that makes me happy, I think that could be a great story for Charlotte maybe after losing her belt. The words of Dr Phil echoing in her head. It is time that we got Charlotte coming out on her own, I mean she can be the dirtest player in the world (Jr) without having her dad at ring side.

Ref DQ’d Charlotte when Ric pulled him out of the ring. I can’t remember ever seeing a ref DQ someone because someone else pulled them out of the ring. Not only that he DQ’d her just as she was tapping to the Sharp Shooter. That is why it was a stupid ending. It is sad.

Hopefully, with Shane in charge, we’ll get another match-up. Would love to see Charlotte lose the title to Nattie.


Sami wants to make it a triple threat. AJ doesn’t want it to be a triple threat. Simple. Both seem too nice to be mean to each other so it was the politest F You in the history of the world.

The Usos win by pin fall

How sad am I that the #SocialOutcasts are going to lose to the Usos.

I really love that Michael Cole really said we should put our money on the Usos because they have won the best tag team Slammy two years running. Honestly?

OK so the Outcasts aren’t always the best in the ring, I’ll admit that, but personally I think they out wrestled the Usos. Mainly because the Usos don’t do much anyway. They also controlled the whole match until the Bo Train and then the Usos get a quick win.

Thankfully the Usos  got beat up by Gallows and Anderson who FINALLY debuted on RAW. Excited? Yes.


Well The Miz is treating cucumbers terribly and Maryse is having a fanny attack about blue M&Ms. Miz drives a Audi R8 apparently. For some reason this is important. He really is a A-Lister, they talk a load of shit. Then he needed to do a few different takes telling us he’s Cesaro’s Kryptonite… Thankfully Cesaro shuts him up. He’s way more James Bond then Superman.

I can’t wait for Payback.

Though loved the Miz nearly being poisoned by domestic bottled water. These two crack me up!

AJ Styles wins by pin fall

Another great match.

I was happy that AJ got a clean pin, I kept waiting for Owens to show up even though he’d been chucked out but AJ got the three count clean and I’m happy with that. Not that I don’t want Sami to be main event or anything but I kind of wanted to see AJ vs Roman on their own so its nice to see us getting that.

Sami looks great. AJ was just a little better though.


Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel guest is… Himself. I’m so happy! There is only one person I want to hear from and Jericho is the only person that can interview himself and it just be awesome.

Another great moment as Chris Jericho tells Dean Ambrose not to touch his potted plant.

Man do I love these two. I don’t know which one made me chuckle most. Dean telling the audience not to boo his guests. I loved him going from his interview voice to normal Dean voice.



Well they are finally together fighting in the tag team tournament. R-Truth’s audition for Goldust was the tag team tournament. Nice to see Dr Phil even giving up before he tried with the two of them.

The only thing that sucks is that this has been a big build up so I can’t help but feel like they are going to beat the Vaudevillains on SmackDown which makes me sad because I want the Vaudevillains to go to the finals.

Apollo Crews wins by pin fall

Its like we’re getting Crews every show as some kind of show case match. We get to see him do his thing and do it well but with no real story and up against people like the Social Outcasts.

Match was good.Sometimes I forget just how good Adam Rose can be but he got to show it a little bit in this match. Without Slater and Axel at ring side it was a much better match as Crews just had to deal with Rose instead of the whole of the Outcasts.

REALLY good match. I’m going to be interested to see where he goes next. I’d kinda like to see him up against Cesaro. I don’t know why but I would love it.

Bray Wyatt / Roman Reigns win by pin fall

I’ll tell you the only negative. The commentators completely missed one of the best moments of the whole match which was when Bray looked like he was going to walk away from Reigns and leave him to the League but then changed his mind. They acted like it was just any old tag but it was so much more important then that.

Other THEN that it was a great main event.

Bray and Reigns worked well together and really took the fight to the League. It really was one of those moments you have to watch to believe it. Strangely it kind of made the Wyatts good guys even if everyone still boos Roman.

As I’m writing this news that Bray looks to be injured again has been broken on Twitter which really upsets me because this match just showed that he really deserves to be main event.


I do wonder why the hell I don’t watch RAW ASAP on a Tuesday. Or at least why I didn’t run to watch this one yesterday.

It was just as good as last week and there are so many things I’m really looking forward to now.

The tag team tournament looked great but the first two matches were pretty bad. Looking forward to seeing Enzo and Big Cass go on to face the Dudleys and just seeing the Vaudevillains. Really can’t wait to see what they actually do with Baron Corbin and Apollo Crews. Other then his stupid catchphrase I’m loving Reigns title run at the moment and REALLY looking forward to him vs AJ. Cesaro vs The Miz? Colour me happy.

For the first time in ages I’m really looking forward to RAW and SmackDown all the time now! Payback is going to be great.

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