Mawaru Penguindrum : You & I Are Connected by M

Episode 6

“Emu de Tsunagaru Watashi to Anata” (Mでつながる私とあなた)

Everything has been kind of dramatic but with next to no explanation for the drama. Well as far as Ringo is concerned. This time out we DO get to see some explanation.

I told you that it wasn’t the normal kind of thing when it came to Ringo and it was extremely sad in the end.

Ringo had a sister, her sister died. Her sister wrote the diary and the diary really revolves around her life with Tabuki. Ringo became like a substitute for her mother for her sister (M stands for Momoka) and her parents argued and finally had to split because of the pain. Talking to Tabuki about it and listening to her parents argue Ringo became obsessed with the idea that she’s there to carry on with Momoka’s life. Like a reincarnation of her sister. Her idea is that if she can re-enact the moments her sister lived with Tabuki she can get the life that she wants back on track. Her parents will fall in love with each other and become a family again, Tabuki will have the person that he was in love with back and the “wheels of fate” will continue to turn.

Yes it sounds silly.

Yes it made her into a creepy assed stalker.

It also has stopped Ringo having a life.

That is the sad thing sometimes when a sibling dies. I noticed it at school and when my middle sister died. Parents find it hard to move on even if they have other children, it’ll be harder for a small child like Ringo to stand up for her own identity and instead she became part of this cycle. Her mum not wanting to forget Momoka, her dad being angry, Tabuki being sad… It all played into a childs mind that she could make all these problems go away instead of the adults (or nearly adult) in her life moving forward.

Ringo has from the moment she believed in destiny, never had the chance to move on to become Ringo.

This then makes it even more important in my eyes for her to be so close to the Takakura’s, especially Himari and Shoma… Not that she really spends any time with Kanba anyway. And to be honest right now it seems to be really dangerous to have been apart of Kanba’s life with some random person going around shooting people in the head with these random balls that are making them forget Kanba…

Its just sad that Ringo has never been allowed to be Ringo. No one around her, other then Shoma, even knows what is going on with her. So whilst her mum and dad have moved on with their lives and so has Tabuki she is still stuck where their sadness put her.

In fact this episode more then any, especially as she forces herself to “spend the night” with Tabuka whilst suffering from a fever, which basically means living under the floorboards of his house WHILST SHE HAS A FEVER, makes me want to rip anyone who ever says anything bad about Ringo ever eyes out. This is a girl messed up by other people’s grief, leading a fantasy life to try to right the wrongs that adults made. Momoka dying is a sad thing sure but at some point her parents should have probably properly talked to her about how they felt. She was too young to demand that of them and instead is now putting her life in risk in all sorts of ways to make them happy. They’ve moved on with their lives and she’s just too clever for them to realise that she’s not living her own any more.

Its the worst kind of living anyone could possibly go through… Because it ain’t living at all.

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