Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice (2016)

I am no fan of Superman and have little interest in the DC Expanded Universe. I was one of those strange people who at the announcement of Ben Affleck being Batman got really excited and went to see the movie PURELY because of the Batfleck.

DCs first step to opening up their universe like the MCU see’s the two biggest DC heroes battle it out. With the help of Wonder Woman and of course the always helpful Lois Lane.

With bad reviews and no one I know enjoying the movie I didn’t go into it hoping for much…

I quite enjoyed it though.

The funny thing is I don’t think I’d be able to tell you why I enjoyed it.

It was extremely wordy, which in itself isn’t a bad thing, but personally it didn’t seem to be meaningful. I came out of the movie not sure why Superman had a thing against Batman or why Batman would care. It felt like two or three different stories all rolled into one, both Batman and Superman had their own stories with Wonder Woman thrown into the mix and it didn’t really work.

That isn’t my biggest problem though. That would have worked if any of the characters felt like they were interacting.

For example. Every scene with Bruce Wayne and Alfred felt like Jeremy Irons telling the audience what was happening whilst Ben Affleck looked moodily into the distance. The one scene I can remember Bruce meeting Clark Kent and there was nothing really in it. I wanted to see more between Kent and Wayne, Superman and Batman actually talking about why they don’t see eye to eye. Instead Superman was mainly caught up in a battle with politicians about whether he was right or wrong to do his own thing regardless of consequences and Batman was too busy having strange dreams and trying to find out what Lex Luthor was up to.

Batman vs Superman is a great idea because they do work differently whilst working for the same thing. Unfortunately it never really felt like Batman v Superman. Even their fight, which was a good fight, was short and when they and Wonder Woman worked together to fight Luthors monster it never felt like seeing them working together.

It honestly felt like there was too much going on that it forgot that it was meant to be the meeting of two of the biggest comic book characters in the world and pushing forward to the Justice League.

Still… I didn’t think it was a bad movie just too busy. I don’t think it was the opposite of Marvel movies therefore you’ll either like it or like Marvel. DC is generally darker then Marvel, or at least Batman is, and it isn’t really that different from Marvel movies other then they took their time to build up to Avengers, drip feeding us Super Hero movies and introductions of others and even then have spent YEARS to come up with something like Civil War. Of course they had too but that is half the reason Avengers worked as a movie and Batman v Superman might be much better the more you watch it.

The acting was top notch though. I can’t wait to see more of Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne. I remember the grumpiness at the announcement of the Batfleck, it was the only reason I wanted to go see the movie as Ben Affleck has been one of my favourite actors for the majority of my life, I really thought he worked much better then Christian Bale (another of my favourite actors just so you know) as Batman. Him being in movies is going to make me go see DC movies religiously and he did make the movie for me.

I personally thought Jesse Eisenberg was pretty good. I liked the eccentricness of his character and think he’d be a interesting foe in the future. I thought he was sweet which made what he was doing even more menacing. Then again he would have probably made a great Joker, no I do not kid. I didn’t like Heath Ledgers Joker (there said it) and not sure whether I’ll care for Suicide Squads version of Joker but the way Eisenberg moved and talked instantly made me sad that he wasn’t the Joker.

Superman movies never interest me but Henry Cavill was great, it was Amy Adams as Lois Lane that made the Superman parts really great and I also loved all the stuff talking about whether it was morally right for Superman to put people’s lives at danger to save others. Lane was great the whole way through.

I’ll be interested in seeing what happens with Wonder Woman. They didn’t do much with her in this film but Gal Gadot looked the part and she kicked butt in the final battle. Honestly can’t wait to see more of her either.

So yeah it isn’t the best film I’ve seen and I still prefer Marvel movies but it was promising. Lets not forget this is only the beginning of the DCU. The prelude to Justice League and so much more. They have a great team of actors on their side and given the right stories the Justice League films could be great fun.

You really do need to go and see the movie to make your own mind up on it.


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