One Piece : Descending the Elephant

Chapter 822

Teams have been made, plans have been drawn.

It is time we start moving on. To save Sanji, to find Marco and to rid Wano of Kaido.

There will also be a fourth party staying on Zou with Inuarshi to look out for Momo as he tries to figure out why he could not only hear Zunisha but talk to him.

It was quite a nice chapter for many reasons. It felt like the final time I’ll be saying “finally we are moving away from Zou” mainly because Luffy did take his party and jump off the side of Zunisha at the end of the chapter so we kind of NEED to be moving on after that really.

The chapter kind of gave us one last goodbye to all the others. You got to see the best of them whilst also introducing us to Nami’s new improved weapon without having to have her figure it out in the middle of a fight or something.

Loved the fact that all the canine Minks wanted to go with Luffy purely because Brook is going with him and they wanted to eat him but I am happy that we’ll see more then just Pekoms with Luffy as Pedro is chosen to go and represent the Minks. Apart of me wishes that Wanda went too because even though she also wanted to go with Brook it is obvious that her and Nami are really close and I like that. I’d like to see Nami and her together more but as it is that will be a long way in the future.

Not a lot actually happened though other then making sure the readers knew who was going where, why Momo was staying behind, giving hints at the timing and making you wish that we’ll get to see Zoro and Law co-existing at some point seeing you have to think that Zoro would be in charge of the Straw Hat crew with him. Actually screw everything else, even the rescue of my dear little Sanji, I just want to see how Zoro and Law will work together. Other then being directionally challenged Zoro has his head screwed on a little tighter then most make out and is less likely to run off at random tangents like Luffy is so I feel him and Law will actually work well together.

Zoro, and no I’m not biased, also gave one of the best lines so far.

How do we know that Sanji won’t just do his normal “I’m so in love” thing and agree to the marriage on his own terms? Luffy seems to not really care, I think its right that as far as Luffy is concerned it seems to be the fact they would go to rescue him that is important. If he decides to get married and leave the crew then that is up to him but you have to actually LEAVE and see him before making that decision.

Then again I’m not sure the next chapter is going to be telling us much about any of those crews as we end with Vivi setting out on a voyage herself. Its been a long time since we saw Vivi and I do wonder what she’s doing. It’ll be great to see something of her though! As silly as it sounds I always kind of forget that she isn’t part of the Straw Hats currently… Or I guess that is the wrong way to put it as there is a feeling of once a Straw Hat always a Straw Hat, but she’s not there with them. I kinda feel like she’s just missing off the side of the page or something and not really gone. Its a sad feeling knowing that she’s not there so I can’t wait to see what is going on with her.

It was a great chapter. I’m sorry I took so long to review it!

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