Tanaka-Kun is Always Listless : Tanaka-Kun and Ohta-Kun

Episode 1

“Tanaka-kun to Ōta-kun” (田中くんと太田くん)

Will it be Reviewed : YES
By : Anna

Even though technically it should be reviewed at first by Luc he passed it on to me. And you’ll see why in a second…

Its a Slice of Life that follows the life of the Listless Tanaka, which you might have guessed from the title.

The first episode shows the relationship between Tanaka and his friend Ohta. Tanaka can hardly even motivate himself to move or eat or just about anything else. Ohta carries him around and looks after him.

What I loved in the episode was the delivery of the lines. It was just perfect at every turn. Moments of silence broken by Ohta picking up Tanaka and being impressed with just how Listless Tanaka was being on that given day. Everything about it made me laugh.

Both characters were great fun and the adventures they got up to at school were hilarious but not over the top. It was simple.

PE, Tanaka tried, failed and fell asleep.

Self Study? He got comfortable and fell asleep.

Music played into his listlessness AND his hatred of the dentist as he turned a happy song into a funeral march.

As much as I loved Tanaka though it was Ohta that was the best. Tanaka claims he doesn’t want to be the main character of his own life and the show really introduced us to Tanaka through Ohta. It was Ohta’s inner monologue that let us into the strange world of Tanaka, he was the only reason Tanaka moved at all and the best lines were all delivered by Ohta. He also was the one that interacted with other classmates bringing more people into the crazy world of Tanaka.

I found it hilarious, the reason I reviewed it and not Luc is because he didn’t laugh once.

You see there will be two kinds of people.

The kind, like me, who find this laugh out loud good and enjoy life.

Then there are people, like Luc, who are dead inside and should be shunned.

BUT if there is one thing we learn from this anime it is that to be truly Listless you first of all shouldn’t be bothered with anything. So just take a nap instead.

Seriously everything about the show just made me happy. The animation was beautiful and simple, the soundtrack was airy and gave it a listless feel to it. The interaction between characters was light and perfectly timed. It was just such a wonderfully funny show. I can’t wait to see how it carries on.

2 thoughts on “Tanaka-Kun is Always Listless : Tanaka-Kun and Ohta-Kun”

  1. This is either going to be something you love or something you hate, largely based on your personality type and how well you can relate to Tanaka. Personally, 4 episodes in, this is probably the best anime I’ve ever watched but, at the same time I can totally understand people not enjoying it.

    1. Indeed this is true! I think Luc likes something that packs a little more of a punch behind its jokes and characters but I really like how the show flows and the characters just work together. The humour does pack a punch but it does so in a gentle way and comes much more from the heart then in others.

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