Re:Zero : The End of the Beginning and the Beginning of the End

Episode 1

“Hajimari no Owari to Owari no Hajimari” (始まりの終わりと終わりの始まり)

Will it be Reviewed : YES
By : Anna

Subaru Natsuki is transported to a strange world where he doesn’t fit in.

Cue crazy times in a fantastical world.

I’m going to be reviewing it but there isn’t much in the first episode that kept me that interested.

Subaru was just transported to this world, there was no reason given and no real goal set for him. It was what looked like someone’s dying wish to save him but from what or why he had to be in the world he was set to we don’t know.

When he gets sent there, as a gamer, he acts like he’s just been transported into a MMO or something. Determined he would have a super power, or have had been summoned there by a cute girl who would fall in love with him he spends the first few minutes stumbling around the place making a fool of himself. He then does end up with Emilia, a half-elf who is looking for her stolen insignia and does all he can to make her agree to have him stumble along after her.

Neither Subaru or Emilia are that interesting though her familiar Puck is pretty cute. The setting is beautiful but nothing special and there hasn’t been something to really hook you into the story. By the end I wasn’t sure why looking for this girl was important, why it should take so long to find her or why I should honestly care.

Liked it well enough though but it won’t be a priority to watch it at all.

I’ve always loved worlds like that. I feel like there has to be a kick at some point and we’ll learn and see more of the world. The problem is recently I’ve seen loads of anime’s where the main protagonist is sent to a world that looks pretty much the same and with weird and wonderful inhabitants running around but they all hooked me instantly with the story. It isn’t even like Subaru is that interesting a character. In fact he was kind of annoying. His obsession with finding a cute girl then basically creeping around her even though its obvious she only half cares. Its creepy and there just isn’t any more substance to him then weirdo. I liked that in his own way he just kind of took to being transported to another world but it was also just a tiny bit too easy for him. Even as a gamer I can’t see myself automatically just accepting being transported. Plus he seems not at all interested in how he got there.

Personally I can see the series growing on me but if something more interesting comes along I will probably drop it pretty fast if something doesn’t come up fast.

Not a bad first impression though.

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