Kiznaiver : Sometimes, a Bond Can Bloom from the First Day Eye Contact is Made

Episode 1

“Hitome Atta Sono Hi kara, Kizuna no Hanasaku Koto mo Aru” (一目あったその日から, 絆の花咲くこともある)

Will it be Reviewed : YES
By : Luc

Katsuhira Agata can’t feel pain. He gets bullied and doesn’t really fit in.

That is until he becomes connected to his classmates.

I really liked this one off the bat. Agata was a interesting character from the moment he showed up. He’s surrounded by some extremely over the top characters and they all end up bonded together becoming Kiznaivers.

The point of the experiment is that the whole world fights because they don’t understand the pain each other goes through so connecting people together by their pain should stop fighting. Agata is pretty confused by this seeing he doesn’t even understand his own pain and is having dreams telling him to find his pain but it looks like it’ll be through this programme that he finds his pain.

The characters represent the new modern Japanese sins. The Cunning Normal (Tsuguhito Yuta), High-and-Mighty (Honoka Maki), Goody-Two-Shoes (Chidori Takashiro), Eccentric Headcase (Nico Niyama), The Muscle Head Thug (Hajime Tenga) and the Imbecile (Katsuhira Agata). What the seventh is I believe I missed but it probably is Noriko Sonozaki, the girl who not only tells Agata about it all but kidnaps them and makes them Kiznaivers.

You can see just how interesting the concept is and I quite like that it was given fully to you in the first episode. The only problem is that its a very wordy episode and if you don’t have the concentration for it on any given day you could end up missing a lot of the information. Even though I was concentrating I found myself having to go back to make sure that I’d gotten something right because it moves on really fast.

Agata is a interesting main character, his lack of emotions and pain makes him instantly likeable. Why? Because he is bullied and he doesn’t stand up for himself so automatically the audience wants to save him.

Yuta and Maki seem to have a interesting relationship that could get messy. Yuta is the popular guy in school and seems to have taken a shine to Maki as the only girl that isn’t impressed with him. Takashiro is Agata’s friend and a sweet character who ends up in one of the weirdest conversations with her teacher I think you could possibly have in a split second. Niyama (who calls herself Nico) is extremely strange. I personally liked Tenga a lot and him and Niyama seem to be there obviously to brighten the show up as well as provide some of the comedy relief. Her with her belief of fairies and doing strange things whilst talking about herself the whole time and him as the loud mouth that will end up running into more trouble then the others are willing to take.

The first time they realised that it wasn’t just bullshit was interesting. After the comedy moment of Tenga being hit by Niyama the obviousness of what they will now have to go through hit them hard.

What I’d like to know is whether or not the pain goes as deep as emotional pain.

Because for me the main problem with this experiment is that no one is unable to fathom the physical pain that someone might go through. If, as a male, I see someone get kicked in the private areas I’ll wince in pain because I know how painful just hurting yourself down there can be. If I see someone get slapped I understand that it can be extremely painful.

Where humans can’t understand pain is on the emotional level.

But if they share emotional pain then surely they would have to share emotional high points too?

Humans do horrible things to other humans because they can’t understand the effect their words and actions will have on people mentally. If you have a hard personality and can take mental abuse well then you’ll pass it on to others without thinking that they might not be able to take it themselves. Therein lies the problem. So if the experiment doesn’t go down that deep then I personally think that the idea will become convoluted very fast.

For a first episode it really had me thinking and I liked that about it. I’m very interested in seeing where it goes with the concept.


2 thoughts on “Kiznaiver : Sometimes, a Bond Can Bloom from the First Day Eye Contact is Made”

  1. Here here. I agree with this review. This, Mayoiga and Re:Zero are going to be two of the most interesting shows this season. My Hero Academia is still my current favorite because I love emotionality and sappiness but Kiznaiver and it’s sci-fi elements has definitely left me wanting more 😀

    1. I agree with all of those. What I liked about Kiznaiver is that it explained so much but it also explained nothing so there is still that mystery whilst being fully aware of the basics. It’ll drive me crazy wanting to know more.

      My Hero Academia I really enjoyed too, I liked how emotionally attached they made us to the main character right off the start. It was sad learning his past and uplifting seeing him continue to fight for his dream. Its actually turning out to be a really good season for anime in general.

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