Flying Witch : It’s Been Six Years

Episode 1

“6-Nen buri no fushigi” (6年振りの不思議)

Will it be Review : YES
By : Anna

As you know our First Look blogs are all done sharing out the days so Flying Witch, which is a Supernatural, Slice of Life comedy falls on my day but is, and always would have been, 100% something Anna fell in love with.

Makoto is a professional witch. She comes to live with her relatives with her black cat Chito.

I don’t get on too well with Slice of Life anime’s at the best of time finding them quite boring. There is no denying that the episode was cute, the characters are interesting and the setting has a lot of potential but for me it just didn’t feel important.

Makoto is a bit ditzy. She’s bad with directions, oblivious to the most obvious of things and walks around with the most positive of outlooks one could possibly have.

Her cousin Kei has no personality and didn’t do much other then introduce Makoto to more interesting characters then disappear.

Chinatsu was a sweet character and the relationship between her and Makoto could be extremely interesting. I loved how she was really scared of Makoto then was forced to help her and slowly warmed to her throughout the episode ending with her giving up on her fear after being brought a doughnut and being taken for a ride on a broomstick.

Nao, again, is going to have a interesting relationship with Makoto. Being the other character of Makoto’s age, the first friend she kind of makes and being left with Makoto most of the time whilst Kei runs off to be interesting off screen you get the feeling that it’ll be through Nao that we learn the most about Makoto. Whilst its obvious that her family know she’s a witch therefore there isn’t much they’d probably have to ask (Kei seems to be too busy to ask questions and Chinatsu too young) Nao seems to be semi-interested and semi-worried at the same time.

The best part of the episode for me by far was the Mandrake ending. The second I saw what Makoto was looking for I guessed Mandrake.

Makoto then explaining what a Mandrake is whilst giving it as a present to Nao was hilarious.

For me that isn’t enough to peak a interest but on Skype I know Anna was extremely excited about the whole episode which is why she’s going to review it going forward.

It might not seem like a good first impression but its being reviewed by the wrong person.

If you like Slice of Life, sweet and funny but not in your face laugh out loud funny then you are probably going to love Flying Witch. It has potential to be a really great show but not a explosive fare. Something you can relax and enjoy and that will bring a smile to your face every episode.

For me it was a tad on the boring side, felt too long and for some reason I took great umbrage with Kei disappearing and being so boring.

Still, even with me not liking it that much it still seemed like a solid and fun anime.

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