Endride : Ride

Episode 1

“Raido” (ライドエンドラ)

Will it be Reviewed : MAYBE
By : LUC

Shun Asanaga is obsessed with crystals. The first speech we get from him in the whole anime is about how he thinks he could get sucked into a whole new world just by looking at it.

The anime asks the question how does he cope when he IS sucked through one?

Shun is way too cheerful. Even when his father lets him down he seems to be as cheerful as ever as he goes to get him from work. When he finally gets to his fathers office he finds it empty. A strange crystal is on display and his love for crystals and lack of common sense has him pick up the crystal which transports him to Endora.

At the same time in Endora Emilio is out to avenge his father by trying to kill someone in their sleep. Unfortunately it doesn’t work and he’s thrown in a dungeon.

I think the more it gets into the story the more I’ll enjoy it but the first episode kind of went by so fast and there wasn’t enough in there to help me make up my mind. Shun as a character was annoying but I felt his pain when he got to Endora because I had no idea what was going on either and I had read about the anime and seen both sides of the story. Emilio is a Prince and seems to know about the “surface” where Shun is from, which makes you question why they know about the surface but the surface don’t know about them.

Its one of those action packed episodes that don’t really tell you much but get you hooked just that bit. It only takes that little bit to get you hooked and make you want to watch the second episode. Before you know it you are finishing a season.

The maybe is purely because it depends on the second episode and what comes after it.

If anything I already care about the story of Emilio so I’ll want to see what happens there but if Shun continues to be slightly annoying or if the story continues to make little sense bar Emillio then it’ll easily be forgotten.

There is a lot going on in the show.

Personally I’m not too sure but I’ll be watching the second episode to make up my mind.


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