Boku no Hero Academia : Izuku Midoriya : Origin

Episode 1

“Midoriya Izuku: Orijin” (緑谷出久:オリジン)

Will it be reviewed : MAYBE
By : Luc

Set in a world where pretty much everyone has a special power called a quirk, we meet Izuku Midoriya who dreams of becoming a hero…

The only problem is the kid doesn’t have a Quirk of his own.

I really enjoyed the episode and don’t get me wrong, I’ll probably watch the whole series but it was much more something Luc is into then me.

It was a brilliant first episode. We met Izuku who is a sweet natured kid who just wants to be left to do what he wants to do and is determined he’ll be able to be a superhero one day. He gets picked on by Katsuki Bakugo, who makes things explode and wants to get into the top Hero Academy on his own without anyone from his school so he can add it to his heroic origin.

The episode follows Izuku, letting you into the world he has to live in, explaining away things that need to be known and then giving you HIS origin.

He was obsessed as a kid with the hero All Might until his mum took him to a doctor to find out why his Quirk hadn’t developed and found out that it was too diluted in their family to pass it on to him.

His dreams down the pan purely because he was born with a joint in his small toe!

His origins are heartbreaking, asking his mum after he found out he was Quirkless whether or not he’d still be able to be a hero all she does is apologise. It isn’t until he meets All Might himself that he finally gets a true answer….

Only we’ll have to wait until Episode 2 to find out what that answer might be.

I thought it was a real charmer. All the characters were really nice, other then the bullies and the bad guys obviously, and it had a real lovely feel behind it. Izuku was a interesting character to meet first and to follow about, being the odd one out in this world let a outside like the audience into the world through similar eyes. His origin story is sweet and its sad that he’s Quirkless but great that he’s working to still be a hero regardless. His rivalry with Katsuki is going to be great to see especially as its obvious that Izuku will be going wherever Katsuki is going.

Really liked it.

The only thing I didn’t like was the animation and it wasn’t anything really to do with it so much as it reminded me of a old Dennis the Menace cartoon I was forced to watch growing up (oldest of three kids, had to watch what the majority wanted to watch and I hated Dennis the Menace…. Well the REAL Dennis. Loved the American film that starred Christopher Lloyd.) I think it’ll annoy me to distraction for personal reasons that aren’t truly fair on the show which storywise is extremely strong.

Luc also enjoyed it, hence him saying he might review it. As it is only the third show we’ve reviewed though he’s not as into it as he’d hope to be so it could be one we start and never finish unfortunately. Still… Good first impressions all around.

Are you planning on watching My Hero Academia? Let us know in the comments below.


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