Myriad Colours Phantom World Final Thoughts

Recommendation : Hesitant yes

A strange anime that I’m not too sure whether I loved it or not…

Why am I 50/50 on it?

Most of the good points are also its bad points. That was the biggest problem. It was never a anime that I rushed out to watch every week and had the potential to interest me a lot more.

As a group the characters worked but singularly their stories made little sense, their personalities were actually quite bland and there was never enough time to really get to know anyone. Even the main character Haruhiko was still pretty much a mystery by the end of the season.

The story was all over the place. There was no overall story anyway, nothing to hold individual episodes together at all. Some pieces here and there filtered through to the finale or at least for a few episodes but there was no urgency in it. Which in itself is a good and bad thing too. It might not be your first priority (or even your second, third, fourth, fifth or hundredth…) but you could dip in and out of episodes without losing much. I enjoyed watching it when the person I was watching it with needed cheering up because the eccentricness of some of the characters would make her laugh no matter the quality of the episode. I didn’t even in the end watch the episodes in any kind of order, its one reason the reviews were always out at random times.

At first there were loads of things I worried about. The fact that one of the main characters had to rub her body to make her power work worried me because the first episode put so much emphasis of her rubbing the sides next to her breasts and her breasts in general that I thought I’d want to throw my TV at the screen. The main Phantom in the series also had the ability to get too much too fast. In the end neither of the main problems really bothered me but smaller things just niggled away. Nothing is ever really explained, nothing is ever really that important, nothing ever moves forward, no one grows as a person.

OK by the end of the series instead of just Haruhiko and Mai being the worst in the class they had a whole team of super powerful people with abilities and were top of the class but where was the character growth for Haruhiko and Mai? Mai was seen to be a bully and seemed rather upset by the fact her memories of her past were different to others but still was the same old same old by the end of the series.

Don’t get me started on the fact that Ruru was pretty much part of Haruhiko so then used as a device to bring back Haruhiko’s powers magically when he decided he had to help his friends.

There was no real quality over the whole of the series. A good episode could be followed by one of the worst pieces of TV you’ll see followed by a great episode.

Character development was forgotten seconds after it happened let alone in a whole different episode.

Nothing ever really made any sense.

Things happened for no reason and we were meant to learn some kind of lesson out of it all.

It just felt a little all over the place.

Strangely it worked though. I liked it. I outright loved certain pieces and I did keep up with it, albeit not very well. Then again I say that and here I am reviewing the whole series, something I haven’t yet been able to do with other series.

No I possibly wouldn’t recommend this to anyone unless I knew they hadΒ a extremely childish sense of humour or didn’t mind weird. If someone was bored I’d probably recommend it as a bit of a laugh, specially if they don’t have time for the whole series or something engaging. Just pop on one of any episode except the final two and you’ll be entertained. You don’t need to use your brain to really enjoy it though some of the beginning pieces were really interesting.

That isn’t to say its a bad series. After a month or so it’ll just be sent to the back of my mind though. It isn’t something I’d run out to buy the DVD if it gets released and its not something I plan to ever watch again but that doesn’t mean it didn’t brighten up my life a little.

If this review doesn’t help you make up your mind whether you want to watch it or not then let me tell you this…

Neither will watching the series. You’ll be left just as confused as you were reading this review.


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