SmackDown 7/4/16 Review

The RAW after WrestleMania was pretty explosive. With a new number 1 contender it feels like we are in for exciting times.

Matches Quick Overlook :

The Vaudevillains vs The Lucha Dragons

Natalya vs Summer Rae
Winner : NATALYA

Zack Ryder vs The Miz (c)
Winner : THE MIZ

Apollo Crews vs Curtis Axel

Dean Ambrose vs Tyler Breeze

Chris Jericho / Kevin Owens vs Cesaro / AJ Styles


This is where Creative won’t do Reigns any favours even as a heel. Can the “I’m not a bad man, I’m not a good man, I’m THE man” thing be dropped? He doesn’t need a catch phrase, especially one that sounds so forced just let him talk without adding the forced crap.

With that aside the segment was actually brilliant. Loving the attitude change on Reigns which suits him more. Think him and AJ are going to great chemistry together. Really looking forward to more of these two!

The Vaudevillains win by pin fall

First off THIS is my point about the US championship. Ryder loses his belt when everyone loves him and wants to see him with the belt. Kalisto is in a tag team match that he was destined to lose against the debuting Vaudevillains.

I love the Vaudevillains and was more then happy to see them debut but I also felt it wasn’t the best. The match didn’t show the best of either of them. Gotch got some good time in the ring in the middle but it felt like it was tilted to show off the Dragons more. Not the best match I’ve seen either in which was a shame.

Not only that but it looked rather messy in places.

Never mind. The tag team division looks much better now and we should have some great match ups for New Day now.

Natalya wins by submission

With Charlotte on commentary.

LOVE that Nattie is in the championship picture right now. Personally I think she’s one of the most talented women they have in WWE and I can’t wait to see another Nattie vs Charlotte match!

I’m so happy to see Summer actually wrestling. In fact the whole match made me happy. Summer wasn’t just there to be beaten. Loved her eyeing up Charlotte’s championship. The match was great I honestly loved the match, Summer’s kicks are great and she had wonderful timing.

The finish with Nattie reversing a kick into the Sharpshooter, and THAT PAUSE to stare down Charlotte before hooking it onto Summer, was just awesome. Nattie vs Charlotte is going to be great.

The Miz wins by pin fall

It feels a bit sad that we don’t get some build up to a rematch but go straight into the rematch on SmackDown.

Maryse gets to come out to her own music just to then introduce her husband The Miz.

Match was really good. Better then the match on RAW. Ryder was much more firey and took it to the Miz. Its actually a great match up and nice to see Ryder and Miz in some really good matches with importance. Thought that Ryder had won it again with the Elbro drop and kind of sad he didn’t win it again.

Actually the match was mainly Ryders match, you did kind of wait for Maryse to get involved and I’m happy that it was well done too with her taking off the bottom turnbuckle pad and distracting the ref so Miz can get a thumb in the eye of Ryder.

It was a great match.

Apollo Crews wins by pin fall

So do the #SocialOutcasts even have a entrance any more or do they just magically appear on the ring? Still sad that other then to make everyone laugh there seems to be little point or even any pay off of any kind for them. Loved the Axe Man cheating at Rock, Paper and Scissors to win the right to face Apollo Crews.

Shame for Crews. The match wasn’t that bad but it was the normal Outcast kind of match with all of them trying to get involved. Would have preferred to see Crews face someone else. He’s so impressive and would love to see him look like he was moving up and facing bigger challenges rather then going from a good but short match against Breeze to a comedy match against a Social Outcast.


Guy kept it short, got his point across. Loving his debut, such a strong beginning on the main roster. As I said I’ve been more impressed with him this week then I ever have been. Love him on the main roster.


If I’m excited for Nattie vs Charlotte I’m just as excited to see Emma get all up in Becky’s face. If the back of the queue has Emma and Becky then I want to watch the back of the queue.

Dean Ambrose wins by pin fall

So Dean is back. What did Dean do when he came back? He kicked Tyler Breezes butt.

The match was short. Very short.

We didn’t even get to hear from Dean.


Truth brings in a camera to film for Shattered Dreams Productions (2). This all happened after Jericho came down to the ring. Truth is going to get Goldust introduced to a top director. Too cute!

AJ Styles / Cesaro win by pin fall

Jericho’s music cut off Ambrose’s before Ambrose had even got out of the ring. Wait… We are due Jericho/Ambrose, don’t forget when Ambrose and Reigns brought Jericho in to help them fight the Wyatt’s he turned his back on them and Ambrose got pissed. Now, along with Jericho vs Cesaro, is exactly the kind of thing I want to see.

Have I mentioned I’ve been a Jericho fan since I was like 8 years old?

Have I mentioned I don’t actually care who he fights as long as I get lots of matches with him in it before he disappears again?

Have I mentioned Jericho is always right? And the best?

Or that Owens/Jericho would make a great tag team in general. Their attitudes are perfect for each other.

Man were AJ and Cesaro a great team! They worked so well in tandem with each other and had some great team work right off the bat.

So were Owens and Jericho… In a different way. When Jericho went for his signature strop and didn’t manage to throw the top stair over Owens came over to do it for him. Their attitudes, grumpiness…. And everything else just matched up so well.

In fact this is probably my favourite match in a long time. Man was it great.

Sami Zayn came down just as Owens was about to Pop-Up Powerbomb AJ and distracted him long enough for AJ to get the roll up victory. After that Owens went after Sami who isn’t at 100% so went down pretty easy.

Loved the match.


Following on from a great RAW we had a great SmackDown.

Vaudevillains vs Dragons was a bit disappointing. Not sure why they bothered with a Ambrose match just for it to last less then a minute. The main event was wonderful.

I’m so happy to have Cesaro back and really want to see what they are going to do with him now he is back. When he went out with his injury I felt like something good was about to happen for him and now he’s been thrown right back at the pointy end and I hope he gets a good run of it soon. I love Cesaro, he even wrestles like a dork, he’s just one big stupidly talented Swiss dork. I love him.

Really loved both RAW and SmackDown. Got me all excited for next week. I now work Tuesdays so won’t be able to watch RAW live not that I have been but it just won’t be happening any time soon.

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