Mawaru Penguindrum : That’s Why I Do That

Episode 5

“Dakara Boku wa Sore o Suru no sa” (だから僕はそれをするのさ)

Sometimes, just sometimes, I feel like when the anime wants us to laugh it does so to hide the fact that the story actually should make you want to rip your heart out and cry.

We continue…

We start right off in this one with a flashback to Himari being ill as a child. We also for the first time meet their parents who I realise we don’t actually have a clue where they are or why they aren’t actually at home.

In fact I guess its the first time you are meant to really think about the Takakura’s other then the fact that they are searching for the Penguindrum and small things like that.


Ringo has a bad day, the girl that fell down the escalator is forced to remember who pushed her and Kanba relives the day of a storm and helping his father get a sick Himari to the hospital whilst in the future he gets money from a shadowy person to buy the house they are living in from their uncle.

If I continue what I was saying above about it being funny but emotional take the scene where Shoma gets the balls to ask Ringo for her diary.

Its set up to be funny, the reactions and some of the word choices. It looks funny, the confrontation LOOKS funny and Himari munching away in the background makes it funnier.

Listen to what is being said, actually listen (including the music used) and you’ll see that its anything BUT funny. Ringo opens her heart to Shoma and Himari. When Shoma does the same to explain why he needs the diary Ringo gets sucked into a Survival Tactic and gets to learn first hand of the pain the brothers are going through.

AGAIN its played for laughs, Ringo gets dumped just to use her agility to come back and throw the hat out into the street, the hat gets caught on a truck which Shoma runs to follow and then Kanba continues the chase on the bike. To add drama to it all he ends up having the bike break on him and gets pulled along by his penguin.

Whilst being funny its presenting actually such a sad and emotional story to you. The pain of the brothers, the fact that the sister is only actually alive because she’s possessed and a really sad family story for both sets of families.

This is the big moment in the relationship of the Takaura’s and Ringo. She knows their secret, she’s part of it and she knows what they need to make it work. The ball is firmly in her court and it’ll be up to her to show what kind of human being she actually is.

Kanba once more goes above and beyond to save his family. Who knows what he has to do for the money he’s received and the amount of pain he went through for that hat and to save Himari was immense.

We are learning much more about the people in this anime then you’d think. If you don’t pay attention and keep watching and actually looking at actions whilst listening to the words said you could be under the impression that everything happening is funny. It isn’t. There is a lot of heartbreaks there in four very young people, a lot of pain and suffering and a lot that none of them are really letting on. The only character that seems to truly wear their heart on their sleeve is Himari herself.

Its sad.


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