Bakuon!! : Club Registration!!

Episode 1

“Nyūbu!!” (にゅうぶ!!)

Will it be Reviewed : YES
By : Anna

Slice of life? Check.

Sports? Check.

Bikes? Check.

Lets face it I was always going to like this one.

“Only a fool can ride a bike.” What wonderous words to be said in the very first episode.

Hane Sakura cycles to school and falls in love with the idea of motorcycles when seeing Onsa Amano on her way to school on her bike. They join Lime, a silent girl and only member of the schools Bike Club.

Lime has a Kawasaki.

OK so the episode didn’t really stand out that much and I think I got more excited because I love motorbikes and there is always something in these kind of anime’s that make it worth staying for.

The four characters are pretty bland. Lime is cool but obviously silent so there is nothing really there. Hane is the airhead and pretty bland. Rin is the loud one that will probably bring them altogether if she sticks with them but right now is kind of on the side lines. Then you have Onsa who is going to get boring very fast if she doesn’t stop.

Naturally the pieces aren’t slotting together right off the bat but it was getting stronger nearer to the end. I especially loved the “Freedom and equality to everyone…. but Suzuki riders” which just made me giggle to myself.

Not too sure about it but I do think I’ll fall in love with it all by the end of the series.

To be fair on the episode there was a lot of setting up being done, Hane needed to learn about bikes and licenses and start her journey but when they got into interacting with each other in the bike shop they gelled much better. It’ll be interesting to see how long Lime can carry on being the way she is without it getting boring, most of the time they never do, but I wonder if we’ll see her with her helmet off at the end of the series.

The only thing I don’t like is how it kind of glossed over how dangerous crashing a bike can be. I don’t know how fast she was actually going but Rin’s crash looked horrible. Being a fan of motorbike racing I know just how dangerous a crash can be and having her not only crash but go flying into a post yet get up straight afterwards was a little bit of a negative for me. It did in general gloss over the bad points of bikes or biking in general. I kind of hope they do bring up the dangers of motorbikes as well as the any reasons why you should love them because it would be silly to leave it out. Specially if Rin is prone to crashing as it sounds she is.

I love the fact that Hane is talking to her bikes too, though the fact the training bike is so obsessed with men and having men sit on her face is a little annoying.

Also racing overalls are meant to be real tight and all so why is it that Rin’s has enough flexibility for her boobs to bounce all over the place? Not only does it just not look right in general but its a bit weird. Sometimes I give up with the world of anime and hoping it will not obsess over boobs.

You know what I just realised?

They didn’t actually say anything nice about any bike. They didn’t say anything negative about Kawasaki’s but they insulted how often Ducati’s break down, just was a complete no for Honda’s and other then Rin (who is a Suzuki fan girl) completely dissed Suzuki’s. I wonder what bikes they DO like?

Not only that but I wonder what bike Hane ends up with. She likes the idea of driving the bike she’s using to learn but no one else liked it. It’ll be interesting to see the bike she ends up with.

For all that though… I loved it.

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