Wrestling Hub March Update

So its a little bit late but not drastically so. I have had a busy start to April but had started to look at the blog since the last Indie show of March.

I was going to do both Indie and WWE this month but decided against it. For many reasons.

Check out the Wrestling Hub for the winners.

A reminder : All of the below and choices finally made are my opinion and my opinion only. People who I pick aren’t necessarily going to be the best of the best but there will be reasons that are explained why they were picked so just read the reasons.

Eddie Ryan / Adam Da Silva / JD Knight / Kelly Sixx / Chris Walker

You might be surprised to hear the only one up there due to fan girl bias is JD Knight, then again he managed to get himself to the final of the PWA Championship Tournament (thing) with one win so of course he deserved it. Eddie Ryan won three matches in one show and carried on his winning streak to win the chance to face Drew Galloway in April. Kelly Sixx, well it was the first time I’d seen him compete and he was pretty darned brilliant. Same with Walker though he was always hell of a funny and so seriously talented. Finally there is dear little Adam, Adam once more got the snot kicked out of him by two rather giant bullies but he never gave up. He even beat one of them in a really awesome match.


It was actually really difficult to pick because there were so many good singles matches this month even though I went to less shows.

Adira / Violet O’Hara

This was a extremely difficult one. It was, again, the only match I’ve seen with females in it (though as always shout out to the ever lovely Vixxen) but it was also just a bloody brilliant match. Adira kicked butt but Violet didn’t let her have it her own way. It was a thrilling match, really enjoyed it.

Will be a hard decision.

Special Edition / Bristol Boys / Griffiths & Essex

Well there haven’t been many tag team matches this month, specially as both shows I went to had singles tournaments going on. There was obviously one very good tag team match and then there was another good one made up of singles wrestlers not in the tournament. Griffiths/Essex I kind of added because I just loved them but they did work well as a team. Special Edition and Bristol Boys had one of the most fun matches I’ve ever seen and it’ll be hard to pick a winner.

Eddie Ryan vs Kelly Sixx / Adira vs Violet O’Hara / Eddie Ryan vs Chris Walker / Gideon vs Adam Da Silva / Special Edition vs Bristol Boys / Tyler Hawke vs Josh Knott

Obviously there was a lot of good matches. Hell I’m always spoiled with amazing matches from both companies.

Eddie Ryan gets two mentions both from the Prize Fighters tournament. The match against Sixx was just seriously impressive and the match against Walker was extremely good. Adira vs Violet O’Hara was a great match between two very talented women. Gideon vs Da Silva was hard to watch because Gideon set out to basically just murder Adam but it was watching Adam fight back that made it so good. Hawke vs Knott was a great match and it was sad it ended with Hawke getting injured, both the guys are great in the ring and it was actually a lot better then I make it sound talking about it. Then you have the tag team match which I loved and have said 100 times I’ve loved.

I think you might guess easily who won.


That is the picks for this month, check out our Wrestling Hub page to see who won.

It was a quieter month for wrestling for me and it’ll only be quieter still this month as I’m only planning on going to one event and probably now only have the money to go to the one I’m going too!




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