Myriad Colours Phantom World : Tiny Haruhiko-kun

Episode 11

“Chibikko Haruhiko-kun” (ちびっ子晴彦くん)

Last time out we had a big Ruru this time out we have a tiny Haruchiko.

Neither are related to the other.

Kind of.

Remember when we got sent to Bear land to overcome Kurumi’s fear? That fantasy manifested from her power. Well this is what happens in this episode.

Haruhiko’s power turns him back into a kid, even wiping his memory of anything that came after that period in his life. It did so because he had read something he wrote as a child lying about spending time with his parents and having fun, turning him into a child meant that he could actually DO these things with Mai who becomes something of a big sister/mother figure to him in the episode.

Again its one of those episodes that if you explained it to me I’d sigh and probably want to skip it but underneath everything in the episode is a important story about Haruhiko.

Seeing Mai cope as well was nice, it grew the bond between the two of them so much and it kind of makes me wish we’d seen a good episode with just the two of them as teenagers too. I’ve always felt that the two of them were a lot closer then the others and this episode in their life would cement that at least on Mai’s side because Haruhiko won’t remember it. Sadly I doubt it will which really is a shame.

Loved the sandbox Phantom. Funnily enough I was talking to Anna on Skype whilst watching it and she started laughing and going on about how the Phantom is angry at the cat peeing in it as a joke and then the Phantom started screaming about being angry at cats for messing in it and I finally realised that Anna’s sense of humour is perfectly fitting for this series and she could have easily written everything in it. I don’t know if that is a good thing or the childishness of it all shows Anna in a terrible light but either way it was just funny.

Seriously though just loved the fight with the Sandbox Phantom. It was a great fight and nice that it was what turned Haruhiko back to a teenager.

If there is anything that the series has done really well it is big character building episodes. When you think that there isn’t anything left to learn about the characters they surprise you by giving you a whole new look at them.

Have we ever really been told what happened to Haruhiko’s parents and why he is alone because it looks like even when they were there they weren’t anything special as parents. Its no surprise that he seems to be able to make friends easily as it seems that he spends a lot of his time very lonely. I never really thought about it because he seems so happy all the time but there is obviously a lot of emotion pent up inside of him. Its just a little bit sad really.


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