Myriad Colours Phantom World : The Mother Hath Returned

Episode 12

“Haha wa Kaerinu” (母は帰りぬ)

I believe this to be the penultimate episode and the gang find themselves facing their toughest foe to date.

Obviously the episode needs to start with the opposite of what started the whole series off. We started with Mai and Haruhiko doing badly facing a Phantom in front of the school and we’re ending with their new team the top of the club.

Its a nice way to show how far they’ve come.

Unfortunately for them there is a even stronger Phantom named Enigma not only going around beating people up but stealing their powers too.

Really like Enigma and it really is a cool Phantom to have as the final boss as it is. I mean the design, just a woman that looks like a outlaw, makes it super awesome but everything else about it is pretty damn amazing too.

It sucks people’s powers out through their mouths and can then use it to attack them back.

She later in the episode transforms to Haruhiko’s mother bringing us yet another sad story with Haruhiko. It turns out, whether we knew it before or not I forget, that Haruhiko’s mum actually abandoned him. He’s so happy to have his mum back and there is also some other underlying power behind Enigma that kind of makes people happy, that he stops going to school and doing stuff. The girls go over to see him and find out if he’s alright and get caught up in it all. It isn’t until their teacher talks to Mai over the phone letting her know that Haruhiko’s mother has been reported as missing that she figures out that not everything is right.

Then again Ruru knew it from the beginning anyway.

It ends on the cliffhanger of Enigma taking Haruhiko’s power.

Ruru herself fell unconscious when Haruhiko had too.

She targeted Haruhiko after he was able to trap her but not defeat her so it’ll be interesting to see how they beat her. I’m guessing it’ll end up being more to do with how they defeated those telegraph poles all the way back in one of the first episodes. She doesn’t look like she’ll be beaten by powers alone so finding out what is driving her will probably be the only way to defeat her in the end.

I wonder why she is attacking people with powers though? I guess more then anything they are the ones she’ll come across more often but she seems like a bounty hunter of some sort going after them. Why go through all the trouble of finding Haruhiko’s mum, possessing her and then spending that time with him just to when she gets found out attack him?

Really looking forward to the finale.


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