Myriad Colours Phantom World : The Eternal Phantom World

Episode 13

“Eien no Fantomu Wārudo” (永遠のファントム・ワールド)

The final showdown with the Phantom known as Enigma is about to go down and it is a match up to see.

The show down was worth it but also not really that brilliant. It was over fast mainly because there was a lot of drama to go down too.

I don’t get Haruhiko and his relationship with his parents, personally I wouldn’t be so forgiving to someone who didn’t come to see me because they felt guilty and didn’t believe they had a right to come see me. If you abandon someone then want to see them then you deserve whatever reaction they give you, you need to take that first step and if you are a parent then hiding behind the “I’m scared” excuse is pathetic to say the least.

Then you have Ruru. She’s apparently part of Haruhiko, something you could kind of guess through the series but also something that when it came about just felt like a huge pointless moment there to help Haruhiko get his powers back in the quickest way possible so that he could grow and finally summon half decent Phantoms.

I loved the episode, strangely, but I just felt like with most of the series that it kind of had no point to it.

For me it didn’t even feel like a decent ending to a series. It kind of just ended and that was it. I don’t know it just felt so flat.

Not that I should really be surprised, a lot of the series has been all over the place and that is exactly how the final episode felt. Thrown together to the extreme and made so that everyone could have a happy ending. Ruru gets to be the older sister to Haruhiko, Haruhiko and his mum are in each others lives again, everyone has their power back and the faceless big bads that created Enigma and were kind of in the background for a few episodes get punished for not warning people or being more open about their business.

Every dramatic thing they could throw at the final episode was thrown at the final episode, like spaghetti against a wall, and like spaghetti against a wall if it stuck it stayed there regardless of if it fit the general pattern of the rest of the spaghetti.

Why did I then love the episode?

Because I loved the characters. They’ve grown on me and the parts where they were together were lovely. I thought Enigma and the small battle they had were great, it just deserved longer and to be the main focus point of the episode. Plus in a way it was nice to have a overall happy ending because all the characters were just nice and you want them to be happy. So even though it felt like they did their best to make sure everyone had the happiest ending they could it kind of fit with the general feel to the show.

The final thoughts of the series as a whole will be up later on but final thoughts on the final episode was that it kind of highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of the series as a whole.


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