Myriad Colours Phantom World : Little Ruru’s Big Dream

Episode 10

“Chiisai Ruru no Ōkina Yume”(小さいルルの大きな夢)

A episode revolving around Ruru?

If I’m honest the character of Ruru was the one thing I thought would put me off the whole show but so far she hasn’t been too bad so a whole episode about her is either going to make or break my thoughts on this season I think.

That might sound a little harsh considering the vast majority of the series has been really good. As I said though the character of Ruru is one thing that I’ve been thinking about and keeping a eye on during the whole series.

She hasn’t gotten on my nerves yet.

And to be fair she doesn’t in this episode either.

The basic story is that she gets a wish after meeting a witch who grants the wishes of Phantoms. Her wish is to be big. So the witch turns her big, gets her into Haruhiko’s class and tells her that she’ll turn back into Ruru if anyone figures out who she is.

What I liked about the episode was that sure it was funny but it also had a sad side to it. I reviewed the anime Plastic Memories from beginning to end and it had a feel of the main characters need to feel human. There was a set list of things that Ruru wanted to do and she was determined to do them and it was nice that you got to see her doing things that she wanted to do.

Then again she sacrificed maybe her biggest wish to save the day.

The witch has also granted a firework his wish of wanting to make the biggest bang of them all and the firework is heading for the people watching. Ruru has to tell the others who she is so that she can help the firework fly UP into the sky to make his big bang.

I kinda felt like it would be a nice way to have Ruru die, I don’t know why I wanted her dead but it just felt like a interesting idea. As it is she gets her special drink at the end and gets to watch the fireworks with everyone.

A good episode. They never really needed to have such a big look into what makes Ruru tick but it was nice to make her a little more then just a comedy sidekick. She at least deserved that much.

Liked the episode more then I thought I would and it was nice to see the whole gang just relax and enjoy themselves. Also proved just how dumb they can be that they never realised that they were talking to a bigger version of Ruru.


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