Boku Dake ga Inai Machi : Treasure

Episode 12

“Takaramono” (宝物)

The final episode of Erased. We’ll see how everything played out.

I said the last episode would be a belter and it was.

We learn that before his big confrontation with Yashiro, Satoru had told Kenya and Hiromi everything. Right from the beginning I knew that we wouldn’t see anything too bad happening and maybe I was too smart for my own good because the whole time I was sat there thinking, you know what? He’s not in danger. Why would he tell people he figured it out and then do nothing about it.

Up on the roof Yashiro makes Satoru tell him everything by letting slip that he has tampered with Kumi (the little girl that is going in for a operation) IV drip and he’s done it in such a way to frame Satoru for the murder, having him “commit suicide” by throwing him off the roof and saving his own neck.

Turns out that they had anticipated everything and had a inflatable whatever they call it waiting for Satoru just where he would fall. Yashiro goes to commit suicide and realises that he’s been tricked.

I had a feeling that I personally would feel kind of meh about the ending and I did. What we’d learned as a audience from Yashiro already in the last few episodes was enough, we didn’t really need the confrontation on the roof other then for closure for the characters themselves.

What I liked, yet kind of disliked, was Satoru’s new life. I loved that there was that kind of feeling of him getting a second chance at life, he had to sacrifice 15 years for it but compared to where he ended up beforehand it kind of makes up for losing that time. Now that he has memories back he hasn’t really missed anything other then he gets another chance of being who he wants to be.

What I didn’t like about it was that there was no real connection between Satoru of the past and of the present. I might have just got the wrong end of the stick but original Satoru seemed to just hate people, I never got the feeling it had much to do with what happened to him as a kid because when we went back he talked about how he just did what he needed to do to fit in. There was a big change, doing all this he opened himself up to people that before hand he never really thought about and he made friends. His life therefore ended up happier then he was and he gained a lot of confidence and the thought of people believing him made him do things he never thought capable.

There was never that connection though. It felt like in the end Satoru had forgotten he didn’t have that outlook on life before hand, like he’d always had these friends.

In the end we at least get a good ending with Satoru meeting up with Airi once more. Hopefully for a happier time then they got last time.

I’ll have my final thoughts on the series later this week but this episode was brilliant and ended a pretty awesome season off very well.


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