365 Challenge : Share the Love

So I said on Twitter that we have failed the challenge but we’ll still continue even though its been failed twice.

Today I need to tell you about another blogger who influenced my online journey….

So boringly I’ll have to tell you about Anna!

The reason is that I didn’t really ever use the internet like that before I met her. She ran a fan site but the news section was a mixture of serious news and breaking things up to make it interesting to people. The site is long gone but her LiveJournal from around that time still exists (http://senna-obsessed.livejournal.com/) which was something I used to read a lot and her website after all this is still around (http://darkmindofageek.blogspot.co.uk/) but it was just a great way to get information to fans. Her style has changed a little in the years she’s been blogging (and thankfully her design skills have gotten better, I mean my eyes going onto your LiveJournal page!) but its still the same old same!

She’s also just extremely friendly so when I started to comment on posts on the fan site she and a bunch of other people basically treated me like I’d been there all along.

She’s never lost that. I like to think I learnt a lot from her just accepting everyone and all their opinions and treating everyone like they are a friend even in first contact with them but I probably am nowhere near as good as her. Her senses of humour and passion always shines through in a way I don’t think mine does.

I’m kind of sad that some of her blog posts from the fansite have gone. Its hard to explain why I fell in love with them without showing you them.

Now that I run a site with her its obvious what the influence is. She’s kind of like a mentor though she has kind of lost her own bite in the years. She used to not care what people thought about her opinion and yet now she worries about posting anything that might upset people, but she’s always really helpful whenever I need help.

If anything the biggest influence has just been enjoying herself. Its one of the things she always says. She left the fansite when it stopped being fun and she couldn’t be bothered to write and she lost the spark she had for a long time. Now she’s got the spark back a little but finds it hard to concentrate. She’s always said that you have to enjoy it to get the best of it and watching her fight against her depression to write. I’m sorry to bring her up once more but she was the first blogger I came across so had to be the one I talked about!

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