WrestleMania 2016 Review

The biggest show of the year. We are all ready for WrestleMania.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Kalisto (c) vs Ryback
Winner : KALISTO

Team Total Divas vs Team Bad and Blonde

The Usos vs The Dudley Boys
Winners : THE USOS

Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz vs Stardust vs Sami Zayn vs Sin Cara vs Zack Ryder vs Kevin Owens (c)

Chris Jericho vs AJ Styles

New Day (c) vs League of Nations

Brock Lesnar vs Dean Ambrose

Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks vs Charlotte (c)

Shane McMahon vs The Undertaker

Andre Memorial Battle Royal

The Rock vs Erick Rowan
Winner : THE ROCK

Triple H (c) vs Roman Reigns

Kalisto wins by pin fall

I said it on Twitter and will say it again. It shows how much the US Title and Kalisto’s reign as champion means that they are out on the Kick off show in front of a sparse crowd.

The match didn’t deserve to be on the main show.

Once more we got Ryback just beat up Kalisto, using his obvious strength advantage whilst telling Kalisto constantly that he is the big guy and Kalisto is the little guy. Like we need to hear it all the time. Hell we even got a advert for Taker/Shane half way through which was more entertaining.

Felt a bit like the tamer less interesting version of Ambrose vs Lesnar later in the night.

Match ended with Kalisto pulling the middle ropes turn buckle off whilst being tugged about by Ryback, Ryback getting thrown into it and Kalisto getting a win.

Not worth watching.

Team Total Divas win by submission

So in love with all these ladies. So much talent. Happy they didn’t all get forgotten because they are just as talented and deserving of a WrestleMania moment as the NXT Horsewomen.

It didn’t take long for all 10 to get in the ring but thankfully it was also given enough time for all the girls to get some time on the grandest stage of them all. It was a great match with plenty of great moments for all of them. Lana didn’t have to do too much work in her debut but some of the kicks she landed were promising. Eva Marie was sparsely used. One or two moments got a bit messy and I was sad that we didn’t get to see the power of Natalya but the flying cross body onto the outside of the ring by Paige was a sight to be seen.

The normal “everyone comes in and is eliminated by someone else” thing happened and we got to see all of them just kick butt.

Brie got the win in the Yes Lock on Naomi and after the win Nikki comes down to celebrate! What a wonderful moment specially if Brie is retiring.

Love all these ladies and can only hope this historic night for women’s wrestling means creative are going to respect ALL the women because there is so much talent there and they prove it time and again.

Plus please let Emma stay main roster. Please? Can we keep her here forever and ever


So Lita gets in the ring and tells us that we are getting a Women’s Championship belt instead of the Divas belt. The belt looks like the men’s belt just white. Its nice. As I have said though you can change the name of the division and the belt but unless they are given respect nothing will change. Hopefully this really is a sign it is changing.

The Usos win by pin fall

So the Dudley’s take control of the match first up, then things happen and the Usos win it. The match was actually really fast which was a welcome relief and after the match the Dudley’s went for the tables just for the Uso’s to put the Dudley’s through them instead.

Boring. Boring. Boring.

Thankfully given only a handful of minutes and came after the much more exciting Women’s belt reveal.

Zack Ryder wins by retrieving the belt

Everyone in this match is amazing. I just thought I’d say that first. Loved that everyone bar Owens left the ring to get a ladder, leaving the wonderful picture of Owens in the ring on his own at his first WrestleMania. Plenty of moments where it was Sami vs Kevin which is what a lot of fans wanted.

Ladder matches are always bloody amazing and it was a great way to start the show up just like last year.

Sami Zayn though! The jump through the middle of the ladder OVER the top rope onto his opponents. Dude, did no one tell him that its bad luck going under a ladder? If I thought that was cool Kalisto being thrown off the ladder and ending springboarding off the top rope onto the other guys in the match was amazing.

THEN STARBIRD MK II! The Dusty Polka Dot Ladder. Broke me. Totally broke me.

Like last year this match was just amazing. So many talented superstars and such a great match. Owens was the perfect heel, I’ve never heard bigger boos for someone showing disrespect to a ladder before in my life. It was just a wonderful match.

In the end it was a win for Ryder. I’ve been saying I want him to win and I’m happy he did, so deserving and such a great moment with his dad coming out to celebrate with him. Lovely moment.

Chris Jericho wins by pin fall

This was the match that I thought was going to steal the show. Writing this sentence as AJ walks to the ring and I’m hyped because so much COULD happen. With Bullet/Balor Club rumours running around I kind of hope that one of the many surprises we were meant to be getting is right in this match. Even if they aren’t, or aren’t after the match or whatever, still think its going to be great.

I am kind of happy that we got to see this being AJ’s debut WrestleMania match because it was one hell of a match. It was everything you hoped to see. Jericho channelled every single former Jericho, not that he’s ever been much different, with sulking and egotistic moments all over the place. Loved his G.O.A.T gear which was just awesome.

On Twitter I said that I never thought I’d see AJ in WWE let alone WrestleMania and I’m so happy that I got to see it because he really deserved this moment. The crowd have NEVER been one sided to AJ and there was no difference in this match. The crowd just knew they were going to be getting a good match and got a Phenomenal one.

After two attempts at the Walls of Jericho and a kick out of the Codebreaker I was pretty sure my bet on AJ winning was safe.

A whole bunch of amazing moments later and a super Codebreaker out of nowhere hit when AJ was going for a Phenomenal Forearm and he won. I can’t believe it. He won! A great moment for this Jericholic! Loved it.

League of Nations win by pin fall

Everyone said that New Day were going to have a entrance and a half at Mania. A giant box of BootyOs fell over on stage with BootyOs falling out and New Day emerging dressed as Super Saiyans. This Mania is killing me.

I read it was going to be a handicap match but Barrett stayed on the floor making it a six-man tag for the belt. Then someone pointed out that Barrett might be gone at the end of the month, I forgot how soon his contract was coming to a end, and that made me sadder.

Unlike all the matches so far the League took complete domination of the match for a long while. You kind of know that when Xavier is in a match he’s going to end up being stuck in the ring being beat up for a long time. It gave us a chance to see the new life in League of Nations, including Rusev who is just getting more and more deadly.

If I’m honest with the matches we’d had so far on the main show this one came up short. It didn’t have the normal spark of a New Day match and even though I wanted League to win it just didn’t work for me. Such a shame as I was looking forward to the match.

After the match Shawn Fucking Michaels, Mick Bloody Foley and Stone Cold Steve Austin come out after hearing no three men in WWE could beat the Nation. Boy did they beat the Nation.

The match was a let down but the ending was worth every moment.

If Barrett is soon to leave I guess he got some kind of WrestleMania moment to say goodbye to him. He even got thrown out the ring by Austin.

What a bloody WrestleMania moment!

Brock Lesnar wins by pin fall

Well it started off the way I thought it would. We got up to 9 or 10 Suplexes before Dean landed a low below on Lesnar which gave Ambrose some breathing space and time to get a offence going.

Thing is I find Lesnar matches so boring but there is something about watching him Suplex people and win that I just like. He’s like the Kimi Raikkonen of wrestling. He comes, does his job and leaves again.

It got better after the initial Suplex City stuff and showed that Ambrose can easily match up to Lesnar when he gets to use his toys.

13 Suplexes, one of which was on steel chairs, and a F5 onto those steel chairs and finally Ambrose is down and out and Lesnar wins. ALWAYS it starts out boring then I get more and more excited and by the end I’m jumping out of my seat screaming. Lesnar wins, earns the victory and the money and walks out once more. Ambrose was bloody amazing.


I have to say the snickers advert with Flair, Ryder, Ziggler and Charlotte in it just made me laugh so much I had to comment on how great it was. Loved it.

Charlotte wins by submission

The final Divas Championship match.

Right off the bat Becky’s spare wheel status in the match was confirmed. Yeah she got more steam then she usually does but Sasha got streamers from the roof, Snoop Dog walking her down and Charlotte got her dad (obviously), a robe made from her dads final match robe and a cool pyro display.

Thankfully she didn’t disappear in the match and it was a good match. I knew just because of who was in it that Twitter forgot that they’d enjoyed WrestleMania so far and decided this was the only match worth watching (like the IC match and Jericho/Styles before them) and nothing else would beat it.

Match was great, I personally thought Sasha managed to miss a lot of her moves and was much more impressed by Becky then the others. She really did kick some… Lass.

Charlotte’s moonsault off the top onto her opponents on the floor was amazing and I’m happy to be wrong once more and seeing Charlotte retain her championship…. Or become the first Women’s champion.

Great match but being way over blown on Twitter in my opinion. No where near as good as the AJ / Jericho match people just didn’t like that Jericho won the match.

The Undertaker wins by pin fall

It felt like suddenly my WWE Stream had gone slow-mo. The only reason I didn’t get annoyed was because Cole was attempting to sell the match as the greatest thing I’d ever seen in his normal way.

Match was actually really bad. I thought it would be one of those things that techincally probably would be poor but would be something you had to see. It didn’t really work that way. I think because Lesnar/Ambrose was similar (no holds barred street fight with the bigger monster killing it and the opponent getting some steam at times) and it came after a match that was always going to be loved.

There was that WTF moment we all knew was coming. A Coast to Coast got us all started, getting out of the cage excited us but it was Shane doing the Leap of Faith off the top of the cell and MISSING that made the match just… Something else.

Unfortunately a Tombstone and three count later and Shane is done. Taker gets another Mania moment next year. Shame, I would have liked to see the McMahon story run a little longer.

Taker’s face though. From the moment he got out of the way for the Leap of Faith to the very end. He looked as shocked and in awe as I felt.

Baron Corbin wins

So Baron Corbin is in the battle royal. So is Tatanka. And DDP. Plus Shaq.

Loved that the ring just kind of cleared so that Shaq and Show could go at it, everyone was kind of hiding until there was kind of a stale mate with Show and Shaq and the whole group came in to eliminate them both.

I will tell you this, it was bloody crazy.

SO happy that Corbin won. I don’t even like Corbin (but I love him) but I’m happy he won. He’s the perfect example of what they should have been doing with Reigns and he won that match just before Reigns match. Tempted to say it might be a sign of things to come. We’ll see. Still nice to see Corbin win after his loss at Take Over (yeah I need to finish that review, will do when I wake up in the morning.)

One thing that was sad was the fact that Corbin won it but other former NXT star Tyler Breeze made no impact whatsoever in there and that was just sad.


I don’t have a clue what the hell The Rock was going on about or why it was important to bring him out, set his name on fire and then have him announce the attendance.

Like I love the Rock, seriously I do, but when he started to come out (baring in mind it took him about 5 minutes to get to the ring) we had about 20 minutes left. Sure we knew then we’d go over but I was tired and wanted something to make sense. The Rock just babbled.

I LOVE Bray Wyatt… But his riddles? At 3:49am? Just. Explain the apron WWE.

Ended up being one of the best segments we’ve seen in a while. Loved that the crowd cheered along when the Rock complimented Bray, even up against someone like the Rock who babbles on with loads of crazy talk, he manages to keep the creepy vibe going.

We also get a match…

The Rock wins by pin fall

It lasts long enough for Rowan to be Rock Bottom’d which was about 6 seconds.


The return of John Cena. I kind of knew it was coming with all the talk of him healing up a lot faster then people thought he would but I have to say I was very happy to see him..  Ended with those two taking out the Wyatts pretty easy and a People’s Elbow.

Well… Six second match sure but seeing the Rock in his wrestling gear always makes me happy.

Roman Reigns wins by pin fall

Well…. Every yeah Hunter gets a over the top entrance and nothing changes this year other then Steph gets a strange costume and I actually thought we’d walked into WrestleMania the Opera. Hunter comes out first which really didn’t bode well for anyone who doesn’t want Roman to win.

I’m on the fence about the actual outcome. I WANT the WWE Universe to boo Roman not because I dislike him but because its what WWE don’t want them to do. Do I care if he’s champ or not? No because he’ll probably drop it pretty fast when once again they realise he’s not going to win over the crowd. Funny thing is he’s going to become a three time champion in less then a year, it makes records pointless. Who cares if Cena has won 15 titles or however many he’s won when Reigns will probably end up 2016 with a good 10 reigns, his first lasting for 5 minutes.

Now Reigns fans don’t get mopey at me like you usually do. I like Reigns as I keep telling people and none of this is his fault.

Reigns can’t win. They tried the family angle, the bro angle with possibly THE most popular WWE superstar, they brought in the BIGGEST heel (Mr McMahon) and put him up against Triple H. The boos and Roman Sucks chants were just… Surreal.

The match was real bad. It had its moments but it was so slow and stodgy and not worth waiting for. Thing is none of the big matches would have been any better unfortunately so you were stuck with this being the best of a bad bunch.

The biggest cheer Roman could get?

Spearing Stephanie.

No heel turn. Nothing different. Lets hope SOMETHING different happens on RAW.


One thought on “WrestleMania 2016 Review”

  1. Liked it more then I thought I would but still a little disappointed. Not so much in the results as some people were but just the general feel to some of the endings.

    AJ/Jericho stole the show and not only did they steal the show but I love that its all open to more drama down the line.

    I can’t be the only person that found it a little disrespectful that they announced the change up in the women’s division AFTER the first women’s match? I know the name of one of the teams might have had people laughing if it was before hand but the whole brunt of the women’s division talk was aimed at the three NXT girls kind of like putting a line between Divas/Women division means slowly fading out Team Total Divas or something.

    Sad to see Brie retire but what a way to go? Hope her and Daniel have a lovely family together, they deserve it.

    Shane/Taker was a let down on so many levels. I love Taker but I just think with his streak defeated anyway there was no need for him to win. Shane taking over RAW would have been a brilliant story and no one at all is going to ever forget the legacy of Taker. Love Taker at Mania but could live without him if it meant good stories going forward. Then again I’ve seen RAW and it doesn’t really matter anyway.

    Which I think is the point. So many of the stories just felt like they were there to give us nearly 8 hours of wrestling. What was the point of the tag team match? It wasn’t for the belts, it gave League a rare win and felt more like a reason to have Barrett, just before he leaves, get beat up by some legends. They then had ANOTHER match, a IMPORTANT one on RAW and LOST… AGAIN.

    You have the big Battle Royal match just before the main event and have a NXT star win it. Not that I mind so much but seeing stars like Sandow, Social Outcasts and Tyler Breeze who deserved a moment at Mania losing to not even one of the GOOD guys from NXT (Corbin still has so much work to do, winning a Battle Royal is about the best the guy can do at times) is a bit of a slap in the face for them.

    Funnily though you can’t help but love Mania whilst sitting through it.

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