The Peanuts Movie (2015)

Charles M. Schulz Peanuts came back to us in the form of a 3D animated film.

A new adventure with the ever unlucky Charlie Brown, accompanied by his faithful best friend Snoopy and surrounded by all his friends. This time out Charlie Brown is determined to change his fortune and not be seen as the loser that he feels he is seen as.

I’ve always enjoyed Peanuts. Its one of those endearing parts of your childhood that you just never feel you need to give up.

Movies like this are reasons I think its good not to give up on certain parts of your childhood.

The movie isn’t complicated, it has a great message but it presents it in the simplistic way Peanuts always does.

Charlie Brown has a crush on the little Red Haired Girl who has just moved in across the road and who sits at the front of his class. Lots of funny little events happen that Charlie Brown take in his stride to get closer to her, inevitably failing and spending most of his year upset that he’ll never get the Little Red Haired Girl to know who he is.

All your favourite characters are there doing their thing and Charlie Brown becomes a hero to many who will understand just what he means when he monologues about his life, his love and why he never gives up.

For children its message is sweet. Don’t be so hard on yourself. For all the failures you think you’ve gone through someone else will see the positives. Be kind, be brave, be willing to go that extra mile and even if you fail someone will see the truth in it.

As a adult it was a reminder that life is hard, change, even when you want that change, can be difficult to grasp onto and when you think you’ve got one last hope to hold onto it can feel like it disappears. As long as you don’t give up though just when you think its all over something will come along and give you that extra help you need.

Not only did I feel the story was beautiful but the animation was different and lovely. I could watch it all day. Seeing them in the 3D effect with the drawn in eyes and flashing from the new effect to the old 2D pencil drawn effect for day dreams and flashbacks contrasted well. Every scene was beautifully drawn but most importantly it just felt so easy to watch. Sometimes there can be too much or it’ll be too bright but there was something very down to Earth and real about the Peanuts animation.

I understand why the film didn’t set the world on fire. I think the whole world knows who Snoopy and Charlie Brown are but you know its not going to be a action packed blockbuster. It didn’t need to be though. Its a lovely film for children and adults and something I think I’ll be watching every Christmas for the rest of my life. One of the most underrated movies of 2015 in my humble opinion.

Would you go and see the Peanuts Movie if you didn’t have kids? Have you seen it? What did you think? Leave us a comment down below to let us know!

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