SmackDown 31/3/16 Review

I did start the RAW review, I did watch RAW but I have been ill and by the time I came back to the review I couldn’t actually finish it without re-watching RAW which wasn’t going to happen.

Here we are though. The final SmackDown before WrestleMania.

Matches Quick Overlook :

AJ Styles vs Heath Slater
Winner : AJ STYLES

Jey Uso vs D-Von Dudley

Dean Ambrose vs Erick Rowan

AJ Styles wins by pin fall

Wow it seems that the #SocialOutcasts have now agreed that they will all win the Andre the Giant battle royal. They get cuter every time they come out. Love Adam Rose and Curtis Axel getting fed up of each other and Bo is just kind of there, spouting his positivity whilst the love triangle carries on.

The match was actually much better then I thought it would be. The Outcasts tend to be in stupidly short matches where they get beat up but this time out even with a bit of interference from his besties on the outside Heath Slater actually got to control the majority of the match. Was never expecting him to win but didn’t think he’d be given a chance to fight either.

In the end it was a win for Styles but a nice outing for the Outcasts were they weren’t just beat up and gone within moments. A fun opening match.


A good deal of the rest of the first hour of SmackDown is given to build up stuff for Wrestlemania with Saxton and Young. With 7 hours of Mania on Sunday its weird they basically have a pre-show for it right now on the last show before Mania itself. Then again I can’t remember if they did the same last year, I can’t remember what they did last week let alone last year. Nothing special really.

D-Von Dudley wins by pin fall

If I thought I couldn’t be more uninterested in The Usos vs The Dudleys at Mania I was wrong, them giving me another singles match between a Uso and a Dudley made me more uninterested.

It was actually a marginally better match then anything we’ve seen with them in the last few months but still such a boring one. Dudleys get another win and the momentum is on their side, you can’t help but feel that their match at Mania is more like a passing of the torch between one of the big Attitude Era teams to the new guys (mainly because there were only three big teams back then, one is retired and the other on TNA) but I just don’t know.


More of the same just looking at the other matches. Nothing interesting to add in any of this either.

Dean Ambrose wins by pin fall

Well only three matches in the whole of SmackDown and lots of hyping up for Mania so this match actually saved my sanity. I stayed up for SmackDown for the first time in a long time and all I got was a early Mania Pre-Show.

It was a great match too. Worth staying up late for it. The Wyatt Family had nothing to do with the match and it meant that Rowan and Ambrose could just go at it for a change. Kinda showed just how sad it is that the Wyatt’s aren’t being used for anything special right now because they all have so much talent.

There was only ever going to be one winner though but a good match.


Not worth staying up for. Though the Ambrose/Rowan match was pretty cool. Plus the opening match was real good. Thing is all this is going to be what we have to hear all again just before Mania so I’m not sure why I had to live through it now.

It also once again just made me sad that the focus of the women’s division is now purely on the NXT stars who came up for the revolution. I know I complain about it now all the time but its because when we were told there would be a revolution I thought it would mean for everyone not just for the stars in NXT. I’m happy that the others have their 10 woman match up but at the same time I doubt it’ll be given the time it deserves, anyone will be given enough time in the ring to shine or that it will move any of them onto something better. Natalya has proven that she can run with Charlotte, Paige as much as I dislike her is obviously not gonna be a popular person to keep lumping into “Total Diva” matches, especially when her fans all think she’s the “alternative” to the Total Divas (even though she’s on the show…..) and the others if they aren’t good enough in the eyes of creative should be given the chance to train and given the ring time to improve. The whole segment on SmackDown about the Divas Revolution once more hit home that it wasn’t a revolution at all, just a cheap excuse to shove the main roster Divas to one side and promote the ones they knew fans wanted to see.

The problem is the fans wanted to see them because they’d been given the chance to show the fans what they were made of. The main roster Divas haven’t been given that chance and therefore most people who are so happy that Charlotte, Becky and Sasha are there and don’t mind the others being shoved into oblivion are doing so under the impression that given the same chance, and I don’t just mean training but actual in ring and backstage time to build stories and matches, the main roster Divas just won’t be as good.

Don’t get me started at the happiness people have that the division is being rebranded and getting a new belt. Name them whatever you want if creative don’t respect them it’ll just revert back to type. You can’t have a division made of three people.

Other then that…. I’m now going bed.

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