NXT Take Over Dallas Predictions

My predictions for NXT Take Over in Dallas. I should be awake to review it live but I’m also going to the zoo tomorrow and being in the UK I’ll be up late so… Follow me on Twitter to find out if I do stay up (@Awerka)


Not sure who to pick. Apollo has been so very impressive every time I have seen him in the ring but also Elias Samson seems to be the guy picking up steam right now.

I don’t see any reason for either to lose but I really don’t see why they would have Apollo lose to Samson for ANY reason. It just wouldn’t make any sense.

PREDICTION : Apollo Crews

I just don’t see why they’d have Samson win. He’s been in squash matches and then lost once so I’m not sure what would be the point of having someone as talented as Crews lose to him.


Like Crews/Samson I can’t actually make my mind up with this one if I’m honest.

Corbin is getting better all the time and he is kind of their man that they are making from scratch, at the same time Aries is a pretty big name outside of WWE so its strange to think he’d lose his debut.

For that reason I don’t think he’ll lose. I kinda like the anti-indy thing they have with Corbin and losing will just make him angrier. Having him win doesn’t really have any positives for either other then another win for Corbin.

PREDICTION : Austin Aries

I just don’t see them debuting him at Take Over just to lose. Even if it is Corbin he’s up against. They want to show that he’s a great signing so knowing that we’re meant to think of Corbin as some great barrier in NXT that no one really gets over it’ll be a big win for Aries in his debut.


Honestly think its a easy one.

Sami is now main roster and going to go into a feud up there with Owens hopefully. Nakamura is the big signing for NXT. Why would Nakamura lose?

I was more 50/50 with Aries/Corbin because Corbin is still in NXT and they could have either win. It would make no sense for Zayn to win then leave NXT for the main roster leaving their big signing with a giant loss on his first night.

Personally would have preferred seeing Nakamura up against someone else but it should be a great match.


Seems the smartest choice really.


For me I think this will be match of the night. Both the Revival and American Alphas are great tag teams and I really think they’ll have a great match.

Who will win?

Well Revival is a great team but no one seems to be too impressed with them outside the ring, that has now been reflected in their gimmick, they do the talking in the ring, but I’m not sure how popular their reign has been. They are kind of forgettable even though they are great in the ring.

On the other hand the AAs have been going from strength to strength. In such a short time they really have rocketed to the top.

Some people say that a title reign now for them might be too early but it might also be needed. The main roster tag team division is dying a death with no confidence being shown to the Ascension and them having to rely on a stable made out of random people fighting New Day for a tag team Mania match. Just about every kind of situation you can think of has been done with the tag teams and out of all the teams, even with their inexperience, I personally think AA are the ones that would be able to make the move to the main roster easiest behind Cass and Enzo. Maybe giving them the titles early is their attempt at pushing their learning curve to the steepest to give them a early move to the main roster.

PREDICTION : American Alphas

I just don’t see what the point of leaving the belts on The Revival will be. They don’t have the chemistry with the other teams to hold them too much longer without bringing in someone to do the talking for them. AA would really shake up the division as champions.


Another hard match to figure out.

On one hand I think Bayley deserves to have the big win against someone like Asuka. On the other hand I don’t see how she’d get that win. Personally I thought her match against Nia was terrible and her win in that looked badly thought out.

I genuinely like Bayley though and think she’s a great champion but the WWE Universe is behind Asuka and I just don’t see Bayley winning against her.

On the other hand though I don’t really see what they would go on to do with Asuka as Champion.


I keep changing my mind. I have a gut feeling that with the three horsewomen having a triple threat at Mania the fourth is not far from leaving NXT and joining them. If the Divas Revolution is really ending and women’s wrestling is going to be respected they will need real “good” guys in the women’s division. Bayley could never be anything but the good guy of that division. I don’t know though.


I am 100% sure that Joe will win and Balor will debut on the main roster with the rest of the Bullet Club under the name Balor Club either with a run in of some sort at Mania or else on RAW the next night.


Personally I haven’t been impressed with anything Joe has done in NXT but I really don’t see it going any other way.


Honestly it was hard to make any predictions but I guess that is what will make the show even more interesting.

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