One Piece : Understood

Chapter 821

Jack has finally made it back to Zou and has decided to bring it down by killing the elephant it stands on. Also the Straw Hats were just about to get going on their various adventures before the attack started. How will they escape and how will they save Zou?

Actually Jack’s appearance is nothing really. The whole chapter was a little bit of nothing, it’ll probably make a really nice anime episode but in the long run it was just another one of those chapters trying to add more mystique into this story when we really don’t need any more.

Zunisha, the elephant, for some reason can talk to Momo and Luffy, apparently also Oden and Roger could hear him too, just its only Momo who seemed to have been able to talk to him. This was all really dramatic but also happened really fast and for no real reason other then to set up the fact that Momo has command over a giant flippin’ elephant now.

Also to once again knock off Jack. Whether he’s dead or not is something else. He can’t swim being a fruit user but I don’t put it past him to survive.

At the end this is relayed to Kaido from Scratchman Apoo or at least with the keyboard teeth and all that I’m guessing its him. The caption at the bottom asks “who is this from” but it sounds very much like him.

That was it.

Jack attacked. The Elephant talked. Momo commanded. Luffy left. Kaido was made aware of Jack going awol.

I can’t help but be happy that we’ll be leaving Zou next week and hopefully we’ll see Sanji soon.

I just feel like there isn’t much to say about it really as much as I enjoyed the chapter its pretty much nothing we need to know. Then again isn’t it exciting that there is a big chance that Momo can now just crush everything with the help of a elephant? I never really thought of it but it sounds like the elephant is a giant Mink that got sentenced to walk around with Zou on its back. Actually it might be interesting finding out more about the elephant at some point. I never thought of him before!

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