Plymouth Wrestling Association : British Grand Prix

Its really all change now with PWA. Last show before their 7th Anniversary show, Danny is no longer in the company (big bummer) and on the 17th April Drew Galloway will be in Plymouth to wrestle for the TNA championship against whoever wins the main event tonight.

A tournament to find out the two men going on to battle it for the PWA Championship and a tag team match to see the number one contenders for the tag team belts. It really is all go in the new venue for PWA.

Winner : John Harding


It wasn’t a bad match to start the night off with. I’ll say this for Grayson Reeves, he’s a much better singles competitor. The guy does take some time to really hit his stride but when he gets going he’s alright. The match felt like it took too long to get anywhere though. The balance was way off and the match ended up feeling way too disjointed. I think they needed to start the match off with a little bit more of a bang then they did.

The effect that had was that the match barely felt like it had begun when it suddenly was over which was a shame because for the first time I think since I’ve seen Reeves he wasn’t just being beat up and I was interested in seeing where he could go in the match. Funny thing is I think Harding and Reeves worked well together the match just didn’t feel like it had been thought out properly. Too much trying to force a interaction with a crowd at the beginning, which they didn’t need because they are both popular.

Still not a bad match to start the night off and a nice handshake afterwards.

Winner : Tyler Hawke


Big speech to open the match by Tyler Hawke, he has officially left the C2 and is going to go out on his own. Brilliant decision as Hawke has been the guy on fire recently. Calum Caine and Josh Knott were not happy, but then again when are they EVER happy?

Loved the match. These two are brilliant in the ring regardless of their opponent and it was a good match up. If Hawke wanted to leave the C2 he was going to learn the painful way that its a bad idea, as always Caine was used on the outside as the extra man advantage for Knott perfectly. You could tell the two of them knew each other pretty well and the match just seemed to come together effortlessly.

A really well paced match. Seriously love watching both these guys in the ring

Sadly the match ended with Hawke winning but also getting injured (the sad bit is the injury not the win). Hope we get some good news on Tyler. Six Year Old Niece who has only been to one other event in her life and walked in believing no one would be as good as Ultimo Tiger left the match totally in love with Tyler Hawke. Dude was a absolute gentleman during the two intervals whilst limping about the place, signing her wrist band because he was about to leave to go to the hospital. Honestly didn’t think I could think higher of the guy but he’s a gem, to be fair the same could be said of all the guys. Hope he gets better soon.


Winner : JD Knight


One of the last things you’d have heard from me before this event was my post telling people what event I was going to and the announcement of how much I love JD Knight. Not that it should ever come as a surprise if you know me or follow me on any of my social media pages…. Other then Facebook in which you’ll never actually learn a darn thing about me to be honest. Other then I like to wind F1 fans up, or that I want to eat Kevin Magnussen because he’s a banana….

Moving on. Swiftly.

As I was saying, you would know that I love JD Knight and that I was looking forward to his match most because I haven’t seen him wrestle in ages.

You’ll be happy to know his match was bloody awesome.

I’m not a big fan of Max Alexanders, you’ve most probably guessed that before now, but like Grayson it was a much better match then I’d seen him in so far. Though he did find himself getting beat up a lot. I mean JD Knight is a tough cookie and he will attempt to murder you in front of the ref with a smile on his face. Like a shark. You will rarely see someone look as happy as Knight does when he’s beating people up.

Alexander was unlucky. Funnily enough my niece was upset that Grayson lost and thought the ref was a idiot, but she even saw the low below when JD had the ref up against the corner and thought it was a work of high art by the sound of it. Safe to say I didn’t need to corrupt her into chanting JD Rocks, she got the message herself.


Winner : Adira


Haven’t seen Adira wrestle in what felt like a lifetime. Really missed seeing her in the ring. Violet is like half the size of Adira, she looked tiny BEFORE Adira got into the ring. Funnily enough though its possibly the hardest fought match I’ve seen Adira in.

I did worry for a while that we’d see Adira come and go within a few minutes but she spent the majority of the match trying to catch Violet who after trying to match up to Adira’s strength (yeah that was NEVER going to happen) instead kept her off her feet. It made the match very fast paced but also made Adira angry.

Have to say there were some interesting submission moves as well from Violet who did her best to tie herself up around Adira, but the brute strength meant that she was never too far from just being picked up completely and thrown against a corner.

The ending wasn’t the best, Adira won with a spear that kind of came out of nowhere. It didn’t look that forceful or like a move that would put Violet down which then made the ending feel weak but it didn’t ruin the match or anything. Loved Adira’s attitude at the end and would love to see these two at it against each other again as soon as possible. It was so good to see someone taking on Adira and putting her through her paces. It was just so good seeing Adira again.


Winner : John Harding


The UK Dominator had gone through to the semi-finals because of a injury before the show, with Tyler Hawke injured we learnt that JD Knight was going straight to the Final in April so it was just the UK Dominator vs John Harding left.

Seeing he’d missed a fight it wasn’t surprising that the UK Dominator didn’t wait for the bell to start and just attacked Harding as he came to the ring. Strangely though by the time they got into the ring even though Harding had been beat up pretty bad he didn’t stay down for long.

I enjoyed the match a lot.  It was actually really fun though personally I felt it was silly to DQ the UK Dominator on his low below seeing the ref saw him do it earlier on and just kind of winced when it happened. What was so different the second (possibly third or fourth actually) time I don’t know. It was a weird one seeing so much of what happened could have been DQ worthy but that was half the reason I loved it. They just wandered around the ringside area beating each other up.

Before the DQ Jason King came down and distracted Harding, after the match he got into a fight with Harding before Reeves came down and joined in with King on the beat down on Harding. Krieger came out to put a stop to it just to have Jason King go all Koala-esque on him and take him down (it truly looked like a Koala clinging to a tree) and even a security guard couldn’t do anything before King and Reeves ran off.


Winners : Special Edition


By far the best match of the entire evening. Not a single other match even came close to how good it was both for the wrestling and the entertainment.

For a start both Special Edition (who I’d never seen before) and the Bristol Boys were just a good laugh. From the moment Special Edition made their way out till the moment all four of them left they just didn’t stop. That didn’t deter from the match either though. I thought I’d never laugh more then I did during the Ryan/Walker match I saw at the beginning of the month but this was something completely different.

Every time I see the Bristol Boys I get a little more impressed by them and this was the first time I think they just looked like a perfect tag team. Specially when they took control of the match, some of their double team moments were just spectacular. That being said it was the first time that I saw Special Edition and I love them.

The match was really well balanced for the comedy and the wrestling though the ending got a little messy with all the guys in the ring. They worked so well together though and I think its the best match I’ve seen nearly all year, really the best tag team match of any kind I’ve seen so far this year.

I love the UK Dominator and PJ Jones but I would be SO happy if Special Edition won the titles and we got to see them vs The Bristol Boys more often.


Winner : Eddie Ryan


This is the only time you’ll hear me saying I was upset Eddie Ryan won. Then again I wasn’t upset that he won. Its hard when two of your favourites are in a match together. To be fair though with Eddie Ryan winning the poll on who the fans wanted to see face Galloway in April by a huge amount I think I was just expecting him to win the match which took some of the fun out of it. My mind was always looking at Ryan vs Galloway and I’ve hyped that match up in my mind way too much before he even won the right to face him. Its going to be a bloody brilliant match.

The Winner did kick his ass though, as always you have to be completely impressed by a guy that can spend a good 10 minutes screaming and not lose his voice.

Ignore my first paragraph on this match because the match was a really good one and I think its the first time I have seen PJ Jones in a singles match and I was impressed. I confused my niece by not being able to tell her who I was supporting and my mate Daryl was literally on the edge of his seat the whole time.  Jones tried everything but couldn’t keep Ryan down.

Ryan is on a roll at the moment so it wasn’t a surprise that nothing Jones threw at him could keep him down. In fact it just made him angrier. Not only was it a big opportunity for either of these guys its a giant opportunity in Eddie Ryans home town so he was gonna be hard to beat.

NOW I can rightfully get hyped for the April 17th match with him against Drew Galloway.

Plus there should actually be a rule against having PJ Jones lose seeing he is the Winner. I don’t like seeing him be the Loser.



You have to give them credit. The guys had injuries to deal with and lost their champion and yet they put on a good show. They have a great group of guys and the new venue is pretty awesome. Even with a small crowd, it was Easter Sunday after all, it had such a great feeling to the night and I think they can pick up some speed here and really grow.

You can feel that they feel positive. The guys looked relaxed and happy in the ring and you do kind of feel like its a new beginning for them. Of course there is a lot of ways they need to grow but they have the right attitude, or at least they come across as having it.

Some really great matches in there and some obvious need for a shuffle in some departments but I was talking to whoever runs their Instagram account and they were saying that they are going to look at beefing up their product all around and looking to bring in new blood from around the UK. They have a great core roster there but bringing in new people will be great for them.

Two best matches of the night were the women’s match and the tag team match. They have a lot of good singles talent, they have some great guys that are growing in confidence and experience all the time, but these two matches were something else. Adira is a beast and they need to capitalise on having her because she’s too good to be sat at the sidelines. Her attitude and her image are things they could jump on and so easily use to highlight the difference in them and other companies. They need to keep finding her opponents because she’s always a highlight of the night. If they keep bringing Special Edition back, along with the Bristol Boys and find a few more great teams that is another area that they could completely own.

I know jokingly I was talking about how sad I was that I missed out seeing a Pride show but to be fair I also felt like I kind of was witnessing the birth of a new era for PWA. Yeah I’ve heard the rumours about other things but I’m just a fan and I want to see good wrestling and if they can keep the drama out of their product and just keep working the way they seem to be looking on going then I think PWA has a very bright future.

They are back on the 17th April for what is being hyped as being a out of this world event. I went to their last anniversary show and it made me fall in love with Wrestling all over again so obviously going to tell everything they should go. The week proceeding the event I will have some special blogs up during the week, nothing over the top but just a few special things.

As always….

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Their next event page :

Below are a selection of photos. We sat at the back because my niece is nervous like me and preferred being at the back so I’m actually semi impressed with how the photos turned out. I’m trying to get them to post like they did in the Dream of Glory review because I know people liked being able to steal them from Photobucket, again I did not mean to make it look like I was not letting people use them in the Prizefighters review it just is two different ways of uploading photos.

Plus as always keep a eye on the comment section as my fan (I have a fan so up yours) likes to ask 100 questions after each event and usually I review more of the actual event in my comments. Plus if you have any question and want to beat James to it then just leave a message below.

It was a good night and everyone should go out and get a ticket to April 17th because its gonna be mega!

11 thoughts on “Plymouth Wrestling Association : British Grand Prix”

    1. Oh man, I am dying of plague (self diagnosed of course) in a freezing cold building you do not know how much I needed the image of Krieger trying to operate a touch screen. I have puny fingers and find it difficult enough!

      It was a great event can’t wait for April!

  1. Not Tyler! I know it takes you forever to write these blogs so is there any news on him?

    Your niece is turning out to be just like you! First Tiger and now Tyler and JD…. You are a terrible influence on her 😉

    Did you find the new venue easy? And how is it on your anxiety? And who is Daryl?! And why are you plague ridden? I disappear for a month and come back to you dead.

    You like the Bristol Boys yes? Or am I wrong?

    1. Ummm no? I’ll let you know via text if I see anything.

      Hahaha she thinks Tyler is very pretty so added to the Big Grizzly is sexy comment I think it’s safe to say she has taste! Only other person in this damn family with any! I think she possibly had heard me arguing with my mum about JD not sucking before so that might just be to impress me but she’ll learn…

      Yeah it was easy, big red building like literally about a minutes walk from where I work! Dunno it wasn’t very busy. Should be alright I don’t see there being any problems. Daryl is a friend. I’ll show you my plague marks on Skype tonight (at work at the moment.)

      Ummm…. they are alright. I’ve only seen them twice before. The first match was a Rumble so it was hardly a good place to make my mind up on them! Love them now though so yeah just pretend I always have!

      1. Thank you 🙂

        Tyler is pretty and Big Grizzly is sexy? Coming from the 6 year old or the 26 year old? I wouldn’t think Tyler was your type tho it never surprises me anymore with your taste!!!!!

        Why have I never heard of Daryl?

        Everything is always alright with you 😠😡 get new saying! You can’t just rewrite history 😂 I’m going to check what you actually DID say about them 😉.

        I’m in before James and have no interesting questions!

        Who was your fav on the night? How excited were you to see Adira back?

        1. It comes from the 6 and 26 year old! Hey apparently I like pretty boys, mainly because I fancied Orlando Bloom when I was 12 but ya know… You don’t grow outta these things. Anyway what is this about my taste? I have fabulous taste in everything.

          Well…. because you haven’t been around? I’ve know him for three years. He hasn’t just reappeared.

          Ok everything is awesome!

          Fav of the night? Special Edition. They made me giggle. Excited never explains the complicated emotions to seeing Adira wrestle.

  2. It looked like a good venue, tiered seating is always a plus specially if you are taking your niece.

    So this is the first time you seem to have said something positive about Grayson Reeves. Has he improved or just impressed you more this time out?

    Who do you think is better Josh Knott or Tyler Hawke? I know you like both.

    With Danny no longer there who do you think is going to take his spot, Not so much as champion but the top good guy? Do they have anyone to take his spot. Plus who do you think is going to be the next champ?

    Could you physically have written less about JD Knights match? I know you went crazy about it on the news blog but jeez, all you’ve done is compare him to a shark and tell the world how happy you are he won.

    What made the tag team match so special?

    Is it tag team matches or just bigger tag matches that were banned from being made match of the night? If so which match was next?

    Like honestly what did you expect? Me not to come up with 100 different questions?

    1. I just think he was more comfortable in the match and had time to shine. I’ve never hated Grayson I just never thought he shined much. There ain’t nothing wrong with that.

      Why do I have to choose? I won’t. I’ve always liked Knott and really loved some of the matches I’ve seen Hawke in that I just think I’ll refuse to answer you!

      Ummm dunno… Eddie Ryan? He’s like the natural do gooder anyway. Maybe that was their plan with Hawke? You’re asking the wrong person. As for who I want to be champion that is a stupid question. Of course I want JD to win!

      He does look like a shark and I tried but I was depressed and words had no meaning and JD smiling as he killed someone cheered me up and…. I hate you for pointing out my uselessness.

      Tag team match was just the way you wanna see a tag team match. Great humour, great timing and some wonderful double teaming. Ref didn’t get too pissy either about how many guys were in the ring, yeah he lost control a couple times but it gave it a more involved atmosphere.

      The women’s match was second for me. Violet O’Hara taking it to Adira was a sight to be seen! Bloody fantastic.

      Remember this… I’m very ill this week so take it easy on me mate. I can barely function so even with your 100 follow up questions don’t get bitchy about replies just bare with me as I slowly get better. Love you though. My one fan!! Do you want me to buy you a PWA T-Shirt and mail it to you? You can wear it in May!

      1. Whats up? I’ve seen various places saying you have plague in the crazy world of you what does that entail?

        So what is your actual opinion on Reeves then?

        You do realise choosing both is a option right? I was just interested in hearing your opinion on both because you always say positive stuff about them on Tumblr but it isn’t really that indepth I was hoping for a comparison at least.

        You aren’t useless you just get caught up in your excitment. That whole part of the review was pretty much the same thing you e-mailed me pretty much the second the match ended I guess. Though I like the comparison of JD and a shark.

        You have yet to tell me any of the funny moments in that match.

        Yeah I’ll pay you back for it in May. Do Plymouth have a show in May? Seeing I’ll be down in that general area I might be able to go see them depending on the date.

        Does your enjoyment of certain matches depend on your current state of mind. Like Reeves/Harding, sorry to go back to that match, but you aren’t the biggest fan of Reeves and you can be quite in the middle about Harding. Being in a positive frame of mind do you tend to look at it in a more positive way? If you were in a bad mental state on Sunday would you be more liable to hate the match?

        Plus how different is the atmosphere to their shows and Prides?

        Hope you feel better soon! Please do not spam Tumblr too much with F1 photos though no matter how ill you are.

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