Mawaru Penguindrum : Descension of a Princess

Episode 4

“Maiochiru Himegimi” (舞い落ちる姫君)

More like the delusion of a stalker….

A tale of two stories.

Ringo is going out on a “date” with Tabuki so enlists Himari to help her make the perfect lunch. This destined meeting means that Shoma ends up being apart of a double date of destiny! Tabuki brings the lady from the last episode, Yuri Tokikago a actress, and Shoma and Ringo prove that actually they are kinda a cute couple themselves.

Again everything that could go wrong does go wrong. She gets sprayed by a skunk, her special packed lunch gets eaten by Number 2 and a pack of birds and Tokikago even invades her fantasies.

The thing is Tokikago isn’t exactly nice about it either. She knew that Ringo changed the curries and isn’t very nice about it all and tells Ringo that she’ll not win. I kind of wanted Tokikago to be nice about it but she’s not. Baring in mind Ringo is only a kid and Tokikago is a adult I’m not too sure why she has to be so blunt and not a bit nicer to a kid.

Unfortunately destiny, and a skunk, means her fateful kiss is actually with Shoma.

Meanwhile Kanba is cornered by a bunch of his exes. After being told that they’ll sort him out in whatever way it is that they plan on sorting him out, and its all being planned by someone much more important then them, the main culprit of this group, or at least the main culprit that we’ve seen, is pushed down a escalator as the “next step”. Heck its even in the diary of Ringos therefore really is part of destiny.

So lets just recap.

Diary = Penguindrum.

Diary = Telling the future? Telling Destiny…

Ringo = Crazy following diary.

Day = Went wrong.

She thinks it didn’t go wrong because she got a kiss, little does she know at the moment that fated kiss was with Shoma not Tabuki.

I said when we first met Ringo that even though she is obviously a stalker for some reason she didn’t scream at being that kind of person. I kind of like that if anything “fate” is directing her to Shoma because it would be nice. There is something going on with the diary that we just don’t know right at this moment and when we do learn about it I’m pretty darned sure we’ll learn that actually Ringo doesn’t deserve to be in the position she’s in.

This whole episode tried to make a joke of whatever it is she’s doing, possibly to make whatever happens next more dramatic.

What it actually achieved for me personally is to make me feel real sad for Ringo. All anyone will see is the craziness but the way she clings to the diary and it is telling her what to do makes it obvious that whatever is happening is so very important to her.

Flashes of a family in trouble are hinted at too whilst she nearly drowns.

The fact she went as far as nearly killing herself for it and for her family takes any of the weird out of it and instead leaves you scared for her.


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