Update for Tomorrow

There is wrestling tomorrow so I thought I’d let you know what was going on!

OK so I’ve been going to a lot of Pride shows this year and they do seem to get a load of people camping on the site on a Monday morning looking for the review. We know this thanks to the wonderful stats provided by WordPress and just how busy ALL Pride reviews are on a Monday following a new show.

This is just to let those who might be lurking here on Monday that there will NOT be a Pride review for their Teignmouth show.

I don’t usually announce when I’m NOT going to shows because I’m not that nice. And to be fair it was only really recently pointed out to me so I never saw the point (I do tend to write in reviews the next time I’m going to shows too.)

I AM however going to PWAs British Grand Prix event, their second event of the year, mainly because I brought the tickets before Pride announced their show, BUT the review possibly won’t be out on Monday. Unfortunately I am working Bank Holiday Monday and then going to a Easter Panto after work (I might even find time to review that!) so won’t Β even start the review till Tuesday. It usually takes me a long time to write my reviews anyway as there is a lot of editing and adding of photos to be done so if the review isn’t out on Tuesday evening it won’t be out till Saturday as I’m then working the rest of the week.

We know these reviews are some of our most popular, every day the top viewed posts are Pride reviews, so I wanted to keep you updated on the weekend ahead.

The good news (for people that read them not for me) is that after next week I’m back to my 14 hours in the middle of the week so Wrestlemania will be completely covered next weekend (Pete is still out of action) and I will be able to PROPERLY update the wrestling hub this time out.

The bad news is that I think the next time I’m going to see Pride is in May, there is the PWA anniversary show next month which I’ll be going too but that will probably be it. I will however have a special blog out sometime in April because it’ll be exactly a year since I first reviewed a PWA show. Its nearly as big a milestone as when I hit a whole year of reviewing One Piece live back in December (which I completely forgot to write anything about!)

More good news is that after being asked by James (and only James, I’m not going to pretend anyone else wanted it) I have decided to review the handful of Pride DVDs I have probably starting in April. Maybe one every fortnight or something. I’ll keep you updated on that one on Twitter though.

Obviously for those (like James) who might want to know the results of Prides show you can find their results on their webpage (http://www.prowrestlingpride.com/) or the lovely Mr Jonathan Orchard always reviews their shows on his blog (http://jonswrestleview.blogspot.co.uk/) so give him a look too as his blog is pretty awesome. Then of course they have their Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/pridepromotion) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/ProPWP) Honestly very sad I won’t be able to make it to their show, specially as I’m taking yet another friend (this time he actually LIKES wrestling) and Pride is just a experience and a half that you need to live (he’s coming to Penzance though so he’ll be fine!)

Shows I am going to for future reference are PWAs show tomorrow and their anniversary show on the 17th April featuring Drew Galloway (http://plymouthwrestling.co.uk/ <- book tickets on there.)

Then there is Prides May 8th show in Penzance staring a whole truckload of talent (https://www.facebook.com/events/1044422138941756/) Β Their June 26th show in Taunton staring RVD (https://www.facebook.com/events/588469441316250/) and, though I haven’t brought my tickets yet, their Heroes and Legends show on July 10th in Paignton (https://www.facebook.com/events/581338432022621/).

Also because its the day after my birthday, there is now a 24/7 bus from Plymouth to Bristol and I wanted too I’m going to Pro Wrestling Chaos May 21st show in Yate (https://www.facebook.com/events/1779606702266306/) which will be something different!

Don’t expect me to be this nice next time. Maybe I should write on my About page when I’m going where so people don’t just sit refreshing our page on a Monday morning (then again it does make us look 10 times more popular when you do it so maybe I’ll be mean and just not mention it again.)

Not that I’d ever pick a favourite, this blog DOESN’T at all sound like me sulking because I brought tickets to another show and can’t go see Tiger, or anything of the like… We wish Pride the best at their show in Teignmouth this weekend, if you can get to it go to it as its always a great show.

And if you are in Plymouth come to the Plymouth show!

(Please don’t think I’m really THAT sad about not going to Pride because I haven’t seen JD Knight wrestle in a long while and I miss him… I really miss him. Its become a daily occurrence for me to randomly mutter about how much I miss him to whoever is near me. People at work have been counting down the days to this show just so I’d stop with my actual count of how long its been since the last time I saw him, though you have Luc to thank that I ever knew how many hours that was. I just really love Prides wrestlers so its sad them being somewhere I can get to but can’t go to. Plus I have a Swampy to give to Scotty and having two Swampys in the house at the same time all the way to May is going to cost me a fortune!)


9 thoughts on “Update for Tomorrow”

    1. Special Edition
      Bristol Boys
      Eddie Ryan
      PJ Jones
      Grayson Reeves
      John Harding
      JD Knight
      Saime Sahin
      UK Dominator
      Max Alexander
      Tyler Hawke
      Josh Knott
      Violet O’Hara

      1. We have requests for lots of Bristol Boys and Josh Knott photos please πŸ™‚ !!!!

        Thank you for all the edits the other day too!!! People really liked them but want you to get to the Tiger pictures πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

        Ohhh and I like JD Knight too! You have some good taste πŸ™‚

        1. Sure! I’ll try to remember that. It shouldn’t be too hard specially as I like Knott anyway!

          Yeah I’ll get on with Tiger stuff soon promise. Probably after next week.

          You are darn right I have good taste!

        2. Just in case you see this before I post (which might take a day or so anyway!) I got a lot of the Bristol Boys… Or at least their match (my niece wanted to sit right at the back of the venue so even though it was tiered you can guess that it was at full zoom to get the ones I got!) but not so many of Josh (mainly because I forgot it was Josh they wanted and got to JD Knights match and was like shit it was Josh they wanted haha…)

          Going through them now, gonna be tomorrow evening or Tuesday during the day that the review and pictures are published! Will try to do up the blog so that you can click on the pictures to enlarge them too for you!

  1. I had to check, I thought you hadn’t been to PWA since last year, January feels like a lifetime ago.

    Happy news about the DVDs hope you have a good time tomorrow and I’ve sent you a e-mail about May.

    How have you been by the way? I haven’t really seen anything on your Tumblr other then loads of pictures of cars recently so didn’t see if you were feeling better or not now?

    1. I know it feels like forever to me too!

      I’m ok. I got down because of some drama going on with old friends. Everyone was telling me to ignore them as I don’t even talk to them anymore but I let it get me down. Then it just stupidly sat in my mind for ages and I couldnt cheer the fuck up. I’ve been a bit all over the place for the last week and it didn’t help with Alonso (who you don’t know but you might have seen the destruction to his car) crashing and then the news (if you didn’t know) that Harper is out possibly for 6 months (love Harper) It’s like trying to balance seeing happy things and sad things. Plus work sucks ass….

      The second I put a photo of Magnussen as my lock screen photo I cheered up helluva lot. It’s amazing how just trying to remember how much I loved F1 can make me feel better.

      You haven’t messaged me (other then that email that I’ve read but not replied too!) For ages! How’s it with you?

      1. Sounds like crap. I saw one post about you being down about something but then nothing much. Lots of anime and race cars but nothing about how you were feeling.

        Yeah man I saw that it didn’t look good. The guy got out the car though didn’t he? It was brutal. You reblogged the photos though so you can’t be that upset about it.

        No I didn’t. Was going to when I saw you were upset and forgot and then everything just became about racing and stuff and I completely forgot.

        I’m doing good. Got the weekend off for Easter.

        1. Hahaha well to happened over a F1 weekend 😜 I can’t help that there was F1 on my dash! There are even more F1 posts on there now including a very rare sighting of Lewis Hamilton!

          It was more the quotes from him that I was reblogging the whole “in had to get out the car fast as my mum was watching on TV” It made me cry. But he’s ok and that was why I posted them.

          I have to work Monday but other then that I’ve got the majority off.

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