Gotham RECAP : A Bitter Pill to Swallow

With Galavan behind bars its time to see just how his plans go forward, where this leaves Silver and whether Lee can once more forgive Gordon after being kidnapped by his crazy ex.

Oh and there is the living arrangements of Nygma and Cobblepot to be sorted out.

You might not remember how happy I was when Chilkis walked in on the show but I was very happy. He’s a great talent to have in any show. This episode really showed that. He’s been the beacon of goodness since he walked in and this time out his speech to Gordon was brilliant. His handling of the situation and the way he acts in general is just great for the show. Gordon might end up the beacon of hope that Gotham needs but right now he isn’t that person.

What situation, you might ask, does he find himself in?

Well after being part of the reason Barbara got injured Tabitha goes to Missy, oh sorry I mean Β The Lady, played by Michelle Gomez in much the same way she plays Missy on Doctor Who, to enlist assassins to take out Gordon. Whilst working at Galavans condo to uncover any information they can the building is besieged by assassin after assassin finally ending with Eduardo Flamingo who just so happens to be a cannibal as well.

For the kind of episode it was it worked. Thankfully it got broke up with two other stories but if they’d done just their story for the whole episode I think they’d have made it work and that would purely be down to the chemistry that McKenzie and Chiklis have.

In the end they obviously survive and take Flamingo into custody but not before he kills a whole bunch of people.

Bruce is as always falling out with Alfred. Silver stops by but gets kicked out by Alfred, his plans to run off and see her in the night are stopped by Alfred and Bruce is just angry. In the morning when he tries to sneak out again its Selina that stops him for the last time saying she’s got proof that Silver isn’t what she says she is.

I found myself mumbling at the TV questioning why Alfred isn’t more honest. At this point in the season its obvious that Alfred is the only person that can talk Bruce down from some of the crazy things he tries to get up to but only when he’s not demanding things of him. Bruce isn’t past using his power over him to get his own way.

Alfred was correct that Silver, whose uncle was only just arrested, should not be at the house. That would ruin Bruce’s plans on cleaning up Wayne Enterprises himself if he’s seen covetingΒ with a criminals niece. So why did he point that out? Then when it was obvious Bruce just wants to know who killed his parents why didn’t he come up with a plan with him or at least point out kindly that there was no way whatsoever that Silver would know anything if she still thought her uncle was innocent?

Instead he stomped his feet like a child himself and they ended up banging heads again.

Can’t wait to see what Selina has to show Bruce.

The best part of the episode was Nygma helping Penguin.

Robin Lord Taylor and Cory Michael Smith have always been two of the best actors on the show bringing their characters to life more then you’d ever expect them too. Put them together and they just jump off the screen.. It was perfectly played by the two of them and was strange. In the good way.

Nygma turns out to be quite the motivational speaker and turns Penguins mood right around. He also seems to have focused Penguin once more as he points to the wonderful fact that now that Penguin’s mother has died he has no one left to love therefore no one left to worry about. He can go forward in everything he does with the confidence that he only has his own back to watch out for. Its a good point and one that I guess will define Penguin who no longer has the burden of care on his shoulders. Not that I think he’d ever look at it as a burden but he understands the point.

With nothing left to lose he can run headfirst into his future.

Its like some of these characters have just had a new breath of life given to them and I’m sure its going to end up only for the good in the long run.


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