And one more (Fandom) thing

So just a random thought whilst talking to Luc today, I found the perfect way to figure out whether I’m “Obsessed” or just generally “Overly Enthusiastic” about someone, some thing, some event, some character etc… etc… etc…

My whole life I never thought about it and when he spelt it out the way he did to me it was like the wool had been lifted from my eyes.

So the difference between Obsessed and Overly Enthusiastic.

There might not seem like much of a difference on the surface, especially when I’m just talking but there are very big differences. Ones that I didn’t even really think of until he pointed it out.

Why is it important. It isn’t. But I doubt you’ve ever really thought about it either.

So take someone I’m currently accused of being obsessed with like Ultimo Tiger or Eddie Ryan. I know fuck all about them, I don’t really keep up with news on them unless that news is telling me the next time I’m seeing them. I follow them both on Facebook but other then noticing their posts and generally liking them after scrolling for another .01 of a second I’ll probably forget what it was that information was telling me unless it was a funny story or something strange happening or the like.

When I write about them I’m enthusiastic about them because my opinion on their talent is extremely high. If you asked me about what I’m looking forward too it’ll probably be a list of events where I’ll be going to see them wrestle. Sometimes, depending on whose match was better, you’ll not even know 90% of what happened on any given night if you are talking to me because I’ll just be talking about them.

In the long run though I don’t really care about what they do when I’m not watching them. I vaguely will see results when scrolling on Facebook and Twitter and will sometimes message support to Tiger on Twitter but that is it.

Overly Enthusiastic Support.

Why this came up was because F1 is back.

By the time Fisichella retired in 2009 I’d been a fan of his since… Well pretty much the beginning of his F1 career. In 2009 I could tell you any given race result if you just named a GP and a year, reasons why he retired, where he started on the grid, which lap he had a off on and so on and so forth. I knew stupid stories about him, factoids about his life. I knew what car he drove, features of his house he was proud of, the pets he had, how old his kids and partner were and again so on and so forth. I gained all this information by just reading articles, listening to interviews, going through the trouble of making friends that knew Italian so they’d translate things for me and just generally following every avenue I could to support him.

Similarly if we go back to wrestling when I was really into TNA and the Motorcity Machine Guns. I could tell you all the smallest details of their matches from the moment they debuted as a team in TNA, I could tell you every televised result for Alex Shelley, stupid little tidbits here and there and even after I stopped watching the knowledge stayed with me and was updated via reading stuff online until I gave up retaining that knowledge too.

I could at one point do the same with Alonso but when I started to go off F1 in about 2010 I started to just not care about remembering results and stuff in general and now can’t even fathom how I’d know all that!

THAT is a Obsession.

I think highly of something and talk positively about it a lot = Overly Enthusiastic.

I know every small detail of everything about them ย = Obsessed.

Its not just sports stars either.

The amount of random shit I know aboutย Karl Urban. I’ve seen all his movies, TV shows he’s been in and know a shit ton of useless information about him. THAT I’ve retained and I don’t know why. Heh… Karl Urban. I haven’t really had a good Karl Urban fix in nearly 6 months. Oh boy this blog will start something terrible off! (Obsessed)

On the other hand I like Tom Hardy and have seen most of his movies but know absolutely fuck all about the man other then he likes dogs. (Overly Enthusiastic)

My knowledge of Rammstein is scary. Including details about the actual band members. I’ve seen all the making of videos, even at one point learnt the smallest amount of German basically because I was watching German interviews with them so often and trying to translate articles about them that it just stuck with me. (Obsessed)

Weezer on the other hand are one of my favourite bands but I couldn’t even tell you what album a certain song was off of, and half the time I forget the names of their former members. (Overly Enthusiastic)

I read the Discworld books all the time. In my group of “reading now” books there is ALWAYS a Discworld book. I even have read the companions and stuff countless times. It might take me a minute to remember what I’m talking about but the amount of stupid things I know about the whole Discworld universe is probably more then I know about the real universe. (Obsession)

Lord of the Rings I read once a year as well as The Hobbit but I’ve never read anything other then those two and tend to get the movies and the books mixed up in my head after I’ve done my yearly read through. (Overly Enthusiastic)

When I talk to you about any of these subjects you’d be right to maybe think I’m obsessed. Hell you might not think there is a difference between the two but I personally think there is a line, a darned good line, and when you think about it its funny what falls onto what side and what other people might think falls on whichever side too.

This conversation started by the way because I suddenly have become a fountain of useless information on Kevin Magnussen. I think one of the only times I’ve managed to completely derail Luc’s train of thought was being able to, without blinking, tell him what KMags star sign is. Just out of thin air. He was joking telling me I should read his horoscope seeing I probably know his star sign and it just popped out of my mouth. He even went online to check before he spoke to me again.

Why he joked I should check his horoscope, just to clear up sticky questions, was for the next race. I was thinking of doing a funny “preview” blog and his suggestion for any preview for Magnussen seeing I was so obsessed with him I should just figure out whether his horoscope for the week/day looked promising.

My need to support a driver to make me REALLY interested in F1 is probably a story for another day. I thought when Fisichella retiredย I was going to get to support Jules Bianchi until his retirement, sadly we all know what happened there (RIP Jules) and have surprisingly found myself falling in love with Joylon Palmer and Kevin Magnussen… Not that KMag is much of a surprise I kind of fell in love with him when he debuted next to Jenson.

Then again that also goes a long way, once more, to prove this whole point.

Fisichella (Obsession) in the sport and I would move mountains to watch it.

Supporting Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso, Mark Webber and a host of others that have come and gone (Overly Enthusiastic) and it was never really enough to keep me glued.

Who agrees with this line?

Can you separate into the two halves?

It was just a interesting thought process which then had us both separating things in our lives onto the two halves of this line. Fun but rather pointless!

Plus can I point out when we say obsession we mean it in a non-scary fan way thank you. The information I have said I knew about Fisichella came from various F1 articles including a really lovely one in F1 Racing Magazine where a reporter went to his house and he told him all about his pizza oven, the pets in his back garden and the guy explained what car he was driving (he was at Renault so it was some sort of Renault Clio.) We aren’t talking about rabid fans who think they own people or who start stalking people or shit like that. Obsession as in their careers, results and random tidbits just stick in your mind because they are THE ONE. The guy you’ll support even when they fuck up, the person that makes watching something worth it even if they aren’t doing well. But unlike others that you might also support their achievements, lack thereof and so on just stick in your mind till you become like a walking Wikipedia article on them. Compared to someone you like watching and will rant and rave about their talent but get asked a question like “didn’t he win last weekend” you have to think twice and maybe Google to make sure you get the answer right.


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