365 Challenge : Deja Vu

Haveย I ever felt Deja Vu?

Yes but not in the real sense of it.

I feel it a lot when I start talking to proper hard headed fans of things. You can feel it coming. You could be talking about something completely different and suddenly that curve back to the same old same old just comes at you. You can feel yourself on the curve and do your best to put a barricade down but eventually no amount of pushing against that wave will stop it.

Also feel it a lot when you talk to people at work. That sudden feeling of “been here before”.

I don’t think I’ve ever had real Deja Vu though.

In a way I’ve always wondered how it feels. I’ve had others explain it to me, Amanda is pretty sure she’s lived through some events two or even three times, being able to see the results so clearly because she’s known she’s done it before. It amazes me, it also works into my life view that when you die your life is like a loop and you just replay it. I like that whole “your whole life flashes before your eyes, its called living” idea. When you die you just go back to the beginning.

Unfortunately it just never happened for me.

Sad really.


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