SmackDown 24/3/16 Review

Last weeks SmackDown was a bit of a let down but it pointed to this week to be a lot better. With Lesnar.

Matches Quick Overlook :

Charlotte vs Sasha Banks

Kofi Kingston vs Sheamus
Winner : SHEAMUS

The Ascension vs The Usos
Winners : THE USOS

Dolph Ziggler / Sami Zayn vs The Miz / Kevin Owens

Roman Reigns vs Bubba Ray Dudley

Tyler Breeze vs AJ Styles
Winner : AJ STYLES

Sasha Banks wins by pin fall

Charlotte is a great heel and I loved the little mic time she got before the match.

Personally I didn’t like the match as much as the Natalya matches and the ending was annoying. Sasha might not have lost yet on the main roster but she’s hardly been a winner either.  It was just a boring match really. It wasn’t even helped having Becky at ringside as she just glared in the ring or else gave really terrible answers to the questions asked.

Still not looking forward to their triple threat at WrestleMania and seeing Natalya recently has made me even less interested in anything with these three in it.


I really do love their war with League, its hilarious. They called them Jar Jar Binks. I loved Jar Jar Binks….

Sheamus wins by pin fall

They really have made New Day much more aggressive in the ring. The thing is with their goofiness you could flip flop them from good guys, bad guys, evil guys, randomly ridiculous guys etc… etc… just by giving them the right opponents. The more aggressive New Day is a interesting way to take them though you have to feel that the League should have won a few more times in recent weeks as well.

Kofi really took it to Sheamus and as bloody always the guy was crazy.

It was a good match and once more went a long way to hype their match at Mania. Still I don’t think WWE should worry too much about what people chant at New Day because the crowd are behind them regardless of whether they chant that they suck. Getting Sheamus to chant they suck isn’t going to do much other then make us all wish he wasn’t allowed near a mic.

The Usos win by pin fall

Ways to make me sad = feed Konnor to the Usos. I miss the Ascension but not enough to want them to be in a match that lasted about 2 minutes and ended with the “good guys” getting tables out to put them through.

Like I didn’t even like the Ascension when I first saw them but they honestly don’t deserve this. It just made me really angry if I’m honest.


Yes The Dudleys are going to be defined by their careers but right now there isn’t much going for them.  For some reason Roman Reigns has to shut Bubba Ray Dudley’s mouth just for pointing out that he’s part of one of the greatest tag teams in history. Just leave me in a hole somewhere please.

Dolph Ziggler / Sami Zayn win by pin fall

I loved the match even if it felt a little odd and was only there to get all the guys going into the IC match at Mania in a match. Or at least the four that actually matter.

Know what? In some twisted way I’d love to see Owens and Miz as a tag team more often. You’d think their personalities wouldn’t work but I think it could be quite brilliant. They did work very well as a team and their characters just work. Even with Owens refusing to fight Sami and walking off, the way Miz confronted him and all that just worked and I think they could make a fun team. Not that I think either need to be a in a tag team any time soon but it just made me realise that if ever they were put in a team I think they’d work really well.

It was the best match of the show.

In the end Owens DID abandon Miz once more just for the rest of the three guys to block his path and Miz to attack Owens. When he hits a Skullcrushing Finale on Owens it was only going to be Zayn and Ziggler getting a win.

Loved the match. I wanna see either the Miz or Ryder winning at Mania.

It was Ryder left standing in the ring at the end.

Bubba Ray Dudley wins by DQ

Complete waste really. I think people have got the point that Reigns is pissed and will do ANYTHING to beat Hunter. I think they could have easily had Reigns do something else or just not be on the show itself over a pointless attack on the Dudleys which will make Bubba much more… I don’t know. Much more of a sympathetic character going into Mania against Reigns cousins.

In fact SmackDown did much more to help turn both Reigns and the Usos then it did to continue the story of the Usos being good guys and the Dudley being the bad guys.


Well… R-Truth has the wrong idea but these guys are golden. Really. They are just hilarious. Love them.


Well the Lucha Dragons bore me but not as much as this ridiculous Ryback shit. I really have no real feelings to Kalisto or Ryback. The thing is whoever wins the title at Mania is the wrong guy to win anything. Kalisto’s title reign has been terrible but Rybacks would be worse.

AJ Styles wins by pin fall

Once more just like the Ascension I’m happy to see Breeze but not so happy when he basically was in there to be beaten in like 3 minutes. It didn’t all go Styles way but it just sucked that Breeze is much better then being a jobber or just not being on TV at all. He never really got a chance when he came up they gave him a silly story and tagged him to Summer and didn’t give the WWE Universe the Tyler Breeze that was so impressive and interesting in NXT.

What I will give the match was getting to hear the King name every single move. That was funny.


I was in heaven. Paul Heyman saved my life whilst watching this show. The thing is sometimes I have no idea what he’s actually saying but I listen anyway, and its worth it. He said tokus and it was cute.

What they plan on doing with the diminished Wyatt family I don’t know. It was just a mess. It would have been so much better without the Wyatts showing up, we just needed Dean to come down and start a fight. It was like the family came down purely to give Ambrose a second where he looked like he could beat Lesnar just to have him lose. I honestly don’t want to see Ambrose beat Lesnar, I think I’ve finally fallen into the Lesnar trap.

Lets please do something good with the Wyatt’s soon OK?


Some good moments, some bad moments and some WTF moments.

Nice to see some guys that we haven’t seen in a while but not so nice that their matches lasted mere moments and they didn’t get a chance to do anything.

Some weird directions for some of the stories but nothing new really there.

I preferred RAW even though I ended up skipping large chunks of it.

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