Gotham RECAP : Mommy’s Little Monster

Another explosive episode as Penguin goes to save his mother and we finally learn whether or not Theo has managed to become Mayor.

The episode starts with possibly the most heartbreaking goodbye of the series to date. As Penguin falls for Galavan’s plot sadly it is Gertrud Kapelput and the wonderful Carol Kane that ends up the victim.

That will also mean that Penguin is going to end up even more motivated then ever before. The event will only fuel him more.

Might not be the best thing though as Galavan seems to have added his rage to his equation. Using Penguin’s anger against him Penguin is lured to attack the new Mayor of Gotham at his big party to once more paint Galavan in a heroic and tragic light whilst pulling the strings that being Mayor gives him.

All of his plays though have started to be noticed by Gordon who slowly pieces everything together and comes to his conclusion after going to visit Butch and then ending up face to face with a rather emotional Penguin who tells him all about what Galavan did to his mother and what he’s planning. Jim of course warns Galavan that he’s after him next after Galavan expresses disappointment in Jim not shooting Penguin.

That power play between these two are extremely interesting and you kind of want to see how far Gordon can push Galavan and how far Galavan can go without giving himself away. Everything he’s done has been so perfectly played that not only is it hard to prove he’s done anything other then been lucky with his timing, but he’s covered his basis by making sure a gang lord like Penguin is where the paper trails will end up.

James Frain does a wonderful job of not so much flipping from good to bad but merging them together. At no point does he lose that charm but he doesn’t feel like a bad guy in the same way as you could tell the other gangsters from season one were right from the beginning. He’s got politician down to a fine art I guess. In some ways I would have liked to see him tackle Two-Face and I’m not sure why.

Talking of Two-Face we did get a tiny peek of Nicholas D’Agosto once more. Still not sure where they really will go with him and you can’t really have him go anywhere near Two-Face but he’s a interesting character.

Galavan’s plot when it comes to Bruce is fully dependent on Silver getting Bruce’s trust. Something she does perfectly well in this episode. Poor Bruce isn’t going to know what hit him in a few episodes time I’m sure.

The best part of the episode by far was the fact that they let Cory Michael Smith free. After killing Kristen in the last episode he goes back to having the two sides of his personality at war. After he’d killed her the “dark” side of him took over and hid the bodies and the only way to find them is through a series of riddles.

Everything about his parts of the episode were beautiful. I wasn’t too sure how they were going to play The Riddler in the series because its really too early for him to be doing anything too big but this slow decent into madness with his darker side showing him the fun of it works for me. Even if they mess his time line up beyond repair it wouldn’t matter to me as he’s just great. He doesn’t even need someone else there he works well off himself. You could see small nods to what he’ll become in the future and it was fabulously acted by him.

The hand in the vending machine was both gross and hilarious. I burst out laughing the second I saw it.

A very good episode but it really felt like it was there to show the slow power change falling completely into place. Galavan holds all the power, Penguin has lost his and Gordon is now once more fighting against the main power of Gotham city.

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