Mawaru Penguindrum : Then Devour me Courageously

Episode 3

“Soshite Karei ni Watashi o Tabete…” (そして華麗に私を食べて…)

You wanna learn about Curry? Lets learn about the happiness of curry.

Is it me or did the opening credits change to add a black penguin? I’m sure the black one wasn’t in the first two sets of credits!?

So whilst Ringo goes off to make curry for Tabuki the boys are getting told off by the spirit that has possessed Himari. She’s decided to prove herself she’ll have Himari drink milk. THEN she gives them their marching orders to go to Ringo’s home and find that Penguindrum.

In a flashback we learn just how long Tabuki has known Ringo, since she was small. We also get to hear her reasons for why curry is so important and hear her families recipe.

The funniest thing in the world was Kanba and Shoma trying to figure out what the Penguindrum has to do with the curry. It doesn’t seem to have ever occurred to either of them that whatever it is might be a mystery of some sort to Ringo. They seem to think she’s some kind of mastermind instead of thinking that the Penguindrum is something she could just have be coincidence! The stupid stuff about the spices being a code and all sorts is hilarious.

Unfortunately destiny isn’t on Ringo’s side as she goes to Tabuki’s to give him the curry she made with all her love just for her to come face to face with Tabuki’s actual girlfriend. Destiny works in funny ways though as she might not have got to spend the evening eating curry with Tabuki but she does end up running bang into Himari and Number 3, coming home with her and properly being introduced to her two stalkers. Even if she needed to have a faceful of curry first.

I’m not sure why these people are putting so much meaning into bloody curry. I’ve never liked curry. Its like the yuckiest thing ever.

It is indeed Destiny.

It is destiny that Ringo is chasing and whilst chasing it the two people stalking her become part of her life. The people stalking her are stalking her for the sake of destiny.

Its all getting tied up now. All of it.

We are no closer to actually figuring out the cryptic needs of the Spirit in the Penguin hat. No closer to figuring out why the three of them got Penguins or even any closer to figuring out even the tinest hint of what the hell is going on with Ringo.

The episode made me hungry though.

You see I don’t like Curry but there are some curries I like. Nothing with any kind of spice in it, usually loads of pork or chicken, I’m a sucker for pork and chicken. I do like rice too. Curry being the food of destiny sucks though I always thought the food of destiny would be pizza. I mean pizza is so changeable. You don’t even have to have a normal pizza, if you made it out of a sweeter dough, like cake mix or something you could substitute sauce for icing and toppings for sweets and have a dessert pizza. You can’t do that with curry.

Plus yeah sure curry is something you have to make and you can put your love into it but that is the same with ANY food. If you love someone and you are making them food you’ll put your love into it just by the fact that you are making it for them. There is nothing special about curry.

Whereas if you order pizza the guy/girl who delivers it could be the love of your life that you were just waiting to knock on your door and give you the pizza of destiny.

Plus you could propose with pizzas. With a curry the ring would just end up in a mess of sauce and stuff but with a pizza you could suspend something just above the pizza (like the little circle thing they have anyway to stop the pizza flopping about in the box) and even if it does fall on it, depending on the amount of sauce and cheese used, all you’ll need to do is wipe the grease off it.

Where Ringo is going wrong is she’s trying to force curry on a man who would possibly respond better to Pizza.

Her problem is now solved so she can give the Penguindrum to Shoma. End of episode. Goodbye.


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