Gotham RECAP : By Fire

Not only is Galavan working on bringing down Bruce Wayne, becoming mayor of Gotham and framing Penguin for every evil thing he does we also have him unintentionally making other villains as well.

Episode 6 continues the sad story of Gotham’s Firefly.

It goes from bad to worse for Bridgit. After killing one of the Strike Force Selina does her best to help her get out of town. She joins forces with her to rob a place giving her the money to escape, unfortunately it doesn’t work out like that as the Pike brothers kidnap her and take her back to their hideout. After agreeing to stay with them forever they untie her just to be burned to a crisp sending her even more in love with her arsonist side then before. She decides to go on to kill anyone like her brothers who hurt innocent people. In the end it is Bridgit herself that goes up in flames as her tank leaks onto her and a fireball sets her on fire.

Even though it was short lived the relationship between Selina and Bridgit was so sweet, it really is sad that we didn’t get to see more of it. Camren Bicondova goes from strength to strength and her emotional speech to Gordon at the end when Gordon tells her that Bridgit isn’t going to make it was one of the saddest moments to date in the show.

Bridgit by the way did survive and her flame resistant clothing has fused to her body.

Barnes and Gordon have their first disagreement. Jim’s emotions get the better of him and he goes against Barnes rules to try and find out what is going on. It did test the Strike Force and their purpose though and it seems that Barnes is lucky with the people he has picked as they do go straight to him to let him know what Gordon has done.

In the end doing the right thing is probably going to be Jim’s downfall as he tries to do the right thing by Selina and Barnes and ends up in the predicament of having Bridgit dying on him. Or at least that is what he thinks.

Elsewhere and Galavan sinks his claws deeper into Bruce by once more pairing him up with his niece Silver and he uses his sisters own strengths to deprogram Butch’s conditioning. When you see him getting ready to go and help Penguin’s mum at the end of the episode you can’t help but think its going to end up badly for Penguin.

As for the loved up couple of Edward and Kristen it all comes crumbling down when Ed overhears her tell Lee that she wants a man with a bit of a edge but also knows there is something he’s keeping from her. Believing that his love for her will shine through his confession he tells her all just for her to react badly and for him to accidentally kill her.

It seems that Nygma’s downward path has really started now. Shame that we didn’t get to see him and Kristen happier for longer but you can only assume that the good side of Nygma is going to be pushed towards his crazy side now.

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