365 Challenge : Local Flavour

Write a piece about a typical “local” experience from where you come from as though it’s an entry in a travel guide.

Am I the only person that has never read a travel guide?Β 

A local experience that everyone should look out for here in lovely Plymouth is any part of it that is falling to pieces. Don’t value your life? Then just walk up and down the Plymouth City Centre and surely some falling debris will eventually hit you. From falling sides to the carcass of the big screen that only needs a bit of strong wind to blow apart.

Either that or you could visit one of our three thousand charity stores.

Make sure you visit in May when the whole city goes pirate mad including a pirate weekend. If you like pirates it worth coming down to Plymouth for the pirate weekend where people dress up as pirates and we put up flags on the Barbican and actually have no real pirate stuff happening.

Do I sound like I hate Plymouth? Because I really don’t ya’know….


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