RAW 21/3/16 Review

A lackluster SmackDown to end last week did nothing but build for next weeks SmackDown, Ambrose calling off Lesnar, tonight we see the response from the boss over the attack by Roman Reigns.

Matches Quick Overlook :

AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens

Rusev vs Big E
Winner : BIG E

Fandango vs Chris Jericho

Stardust vs Sin Cara vs Zack Ryder

Natalya vs Charlotte

Bubba Ray Dudley vs R-Truth

Dean Ambrose vs Braun Strowman


Again they played to Roman’s strengths which is something they seemed to refuse to do before. Instead of putting us to sleep he came down and interrupted Stephanie’s speech about how wonderful her and Hunter are, made his point and left.

Kinda think they should have let Stephanie get the slap in but at the same time his last line was just great so nah it worked.

It feels like they’ve decided to ignore the booing instead of have him talk himself out of it which is good because if they keep him being the enforcer type, keep having him just beat the shit out of whoever is in his way then it doesn’t matter if they are booing.

Kevin Owens wins by pin fall


Rematch from SmackDown and just as good as the match from SmackDown. Its going to be hard to see any match beating it to be honest during the night.

Neither got the better of the other and they spent the whole match just beating the snot out of each other. Owens compliments Styles really well and I was left gawping at the TV with some of the moves that Owens was hitting out. That guy always amazes me.

The only problem was the match ended pretty much the same as the one on SmackDown. You kind of thought that Jericho or maybe Zayn would come down at some point but when Jericho came down it was a bit disappointing. Even more so when we didn’t get the big fireworks and his music, just him chanting AJ Styles.


After the match AJ chased after Jericho leaving Owens in the ring to talk about what he’ll be doing at KOMania just to be interrupted by Ziggler, Miz and Zayn. He announces he’ll go talk to the Authority and see if he can get a triple threat to find out who will be his number one contender and I found myself hoping that the Authority will just make it a fatal fourway at Mania.

I don’t know. I really do love Sami and want Owens vs Sami at some point but at the same time seeing the Divas get pushed to the side so we can get a big NXT match against Charlotte, Becky and Sasha I don’t want the same to happen to Ziggler and Miz so we get another NXT match. If you get what I mean. A Fourway with these lot would be great.


Sadly not even getting the League to chant New Day Sucks stops the crowd from chanting it too. I do think the League of Nations are much better off not talking and just beating up people. New Day ended up having to be more serious and they just ended up talking to a happy brick wall as the League just kind of stood there giggling at them. It was a weird feeling as its obvious they are trying hard to turn New Day but the thing is New Day don’t have to be anything people chant they suck because its fun but look at how many New Day t-shirts are in the crowd.

Big E wins by pin fall

What a match up.

You had two of the biggest members of the two teams up against each other, just hearing JBL call Big E the biggest Unicorn made him sound much more scary then you’d think.

Whilst they just beat each other up the rest of the League took out Kofi and Xavier for the earlier part.

The match itself was bloody great and I just love seeing Big E. The Big Splash and the Big Ending all make me happy. The only problem was the fact that for me it doesn’t work trying to make New Day look weaker by having them outnumbered but then still have them win. The reason they were meant to be winning a lot and keeping those belts for over 200 days is because they had the one man advantage. I know League don’t really matter in the big picture right now but on the lead up to Mania you’d like to see them win and not just piss off New Day.


Oh how I love scary Wyatt family promos. All of them are great. Dude why oh why aren’t they doing something great with them?


Some lovely words from Show about Andre the Giant and how much it meant to him to win the Battle Royal last year.

He then gets to hear from the #SocialOutcasts. I loved Shows reaction to the Outcasts. You see these guys just make people happy and what the hell is wrong with that? He wasn’t smiling when all four of the Outcasts got him on the floor, they weren’t smiling when Kane showed up.

Sadly the cuddle from Show wasn’t shared with Kane who then chokeslamed Show off the top rope.

That was a fun little segment it had me smiling. I love Kane. And the Outcasts.


Loved JBL getting excited about him being inducted.

Chris Jericho wins by pin fall

Ladies and gentlemen. The greatest few moments of my life is always and always has been when Jericho comes down to the ring.

I wasn’t expecting much from Fandango, he hasn’t been on RAW or SmackDown for ages and it was nice to see him. We know that Fandango once beat Jericho at Wrestlemania but he obviously isn’t here to do anything wonderful. He did after getting his butt kicked for a minute or so use Jericho’s cocky attitude to get the upper hand but it didn’t last long.

Even with AJ coming down chanting Y2Jackass at him it just took one Codebreaker and he got the three count on Fandango, which is a little sad I guess. It would have been nice to see Fandango get a win.

AJ after the match comes down to get in Jericho’s face but Jericho runs so he accuses Jericho of being the best at running from AJ and then calls him out for a match at Wrestlemania.

No Contest

Kevin Owens needs to announce everything. I loved him doing the ring announcements. This man can do everything. Well it didn’t take long for us all to get confused with why Stardust, Sin Cara and Zac Ryder are the competitors and not the other three. Now if all these three AND the three from before all ended up in a Mania match against Owens I’d be so happy.

I was actually a little insulted by the way Cole reacted on the commentary table about this all. Sure point out that we thought it would be the other three in the match but for the life of me why did we need to hear Cole and Saxton at like all three of these guys are below getting a title shot? It was actually quite horrible to hear the commentators berate the talent like that even if it was all meant to be part of the story of the other three not getting a shot.

In the end the match was called off after Owens threw Ryder into someone, I think it was the Miz, and then everyone just went after Owens.

Now all those guys in a match against Owens would be great.


Then we get the announcement that it will be Owens vs the other six guys in a ladder match. That makes me happy.


Hunter comes to collect Stephanie and whilst sitting in the limo waiting to leave Roman appears and attacks Hunter.

Charlotte wins by pin fall

With Becky and Sasha on commentary.

So if I thought it was annoying with Cole dismissing everyone in the last match as not being good enough for a IC title shot it was even more annoying when the commentators completely ignored a bloody brilliant match against Nattie and Charlotte in the ring. Even more annoying that from time to time WE had to miss it too as the cameras kept flashing back to the commentary table.

Nattie is way too good to not be in the title picture. She really took the fight to Charlotte and even this match on RAW was better then any of the matches Charlotte had with Becky recently.

Oh boy do I love Nattie.

Bubba Ray Dudley wins by pin fall

The same as the Goldust match on SmackDown just with R-Truth. Number games played their part, match wasn’t anything special, beat down after the match with Goldie coming to save Truth just to be beat up himself and then the Usos come for the ultimate save.


The only real news out of all this was that if Taker doesn’t win at Wrestlemania it’ll be his last match. Still not sure which way I think this one is going even with that announcement.

LOVED that Dean didn’t wait for Vince to get backstage. Love Ambrose.

Braun Strowman wins by DQ

With Heyman on commentary? Happy days.

Just it isn’t. Heyman is unusually quiet, the crowd said it all when they started chanting boring and it was just a bog standard normal Braun Strowman match.

It felt weird seeing Ambrose just beaten to a pulp. What was even weirder was I thought we’d gotten over the “Strowman is invincible” crap ages ago so I’m not sure why its being brought back. The match wasn’t even entertaining as a beat down. It really was just boring and the last leg from the end of the Divas match to here just kind of sucked.


Some really good matches and some really good build up to Wrestlemania. Lots of things we didn’t need and a strange direction to take the RAW commentators down at some points. I think the RAW commentators don’t work as well as the SmackDown commentators any more. JBL is fine and plays against Cole perfectly but we need someone else there to balance their table.

Again I skipped Dean Ambrose wandering around town, though did see the end part of him with Terry Funk. I also skipped all the hype segments for the McMahon/Taker match at Mania as I’m already hyped enough so didn’t need to bother with them. I ended up watching RAW in something like 2 and a half hours if that. Actually no I think it was just in two hours when you cut the ads out, repeats of things that happened last week, repeats of things that happened earlier in the show and things like that I think I got it down to just under 2 hours and it STILL felt like it was bloated. Specially in the last few segments.

(I say just under 2 hours as I tweeted that I was awake and watching RAW at 10:01 and whilst writing this part of the blog I must have had the show off for a good four to five minutes and its only 12:03…)

Still it was better then SmackDown but the strongest stuff was at the beginning so if anyone is wondering whether to watch RAW I’d say watch up to the Divas then not bother with the rest. Even if you are a Ambrose fan there isn’t much in that match worth watching.

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