Gotham RECAP : Scarification

After the events of the outbreak of Arkham inmates which led to Jerome’s final stand and Galavan’s heroics the GCPD decided to strike back with their own Strike Force.

Galavan continues to take over Gotham and now he’s got the worst possible person in his back pocket.

The writers for Gotham are great. Some of the most talented around because there was so much happening in one little episode but at no point would you ever look at it and think it was messy or too much.

Galavans plan is to make Penguin burn down a load of Wayne’s properties. This brings in the Pike brothers and Gothams own Firefly, Bridgit. Penguin also sends his own spy to Galavan in the form of a one handed Butch. He also finds out the history of the Galavans and the Waynes giving us the one last piece of Theo’s puzzle to understand his motive. A old blood feud. The Galavans were actually the Dumas and the Waynes punished them for sexually abusing their sister (allegedly) and had them exiled where they changed their name.

That is just a general outline of what happened as well from Penguin’s POV.

Robin Lord Taylor once more thrives as Penguin making the episode more then just watchable. He comes up against a foe more then worthy of him and you find yourself right behind him hoping for him to win this war against Theo even though you know he probably can’t right now. Even when he once more puts Butch in trouble you can’t help but get behind him and hope that he wins. Specially as Theo has Mamma Penguin.

Jim’s job this time out seems to be running his personal life alongside his professional life, which includes a romantic dinner with Kristen and Edward, plus tracking down the people responsible for the arson attacks. I thought the date was inspired because it was a easy way to show another side of Nygma whilst also moving along Jim and Lee’s relationship. Plus it was kind of fun. Its nice to see Nygma happy for a while.

The people responsible for the arson attacks just so happens to be the Pike brothers who after one of them gets killed uses their “sister” Bridget to set the fires. She has a inner arsonist inside her though and ends up fully behind the plans turning herself into Firefly. Another youngster who you can totally understand why they’ve ended up the way they have. Which is a strangely interesting way to play it. You have people like Selina, Ivy and now Bridget who have nothing, end up at the lowest ebb and obviously striking out because they have too, Bridget was pretty much forced into it, but the GCPD at all turns will only look at them as criminals. The older criminals, like Bridget’s brothers, tend to be just that but the kids are being given interesting and sad backgrounds so that you feel for them more then anything.

Bridget ends up, one episode after they were introduced, killing one of the Strike Force which shows that this idea is going to either be very short lived with a lot of casualties or is just going to become one big huge angry mob of people with legal power. Not that they can really use that power as Barnes has banned using force but even he will probably have his reserve tested.

We leave the episode with the dark news that Galavans plans are apparently going along smoothly and that Bruce Wayne will soon be dead.

Which just brings me back to the beginning and the point that I really do hope that Penguin ends up beating Theo and soon. I can’t see him losing public support or any of his deeds being really attributed to him in any way. He’s played it perfectly so everything will point back to Penguin.

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