Thirteen : Episode 4

The episode ended with a skeleton being found and the investigation turning completely upside down. Where everything goes from here is up in the air but it isn’t looking good for Ivy.

I think my biggest problem with the whole series is just how terribly the police part of it has been handled. Carne and Merchant are like little kids bickering the whole time. Neither of them are professional and the way they’ve both handled this and treated Ivy is undefendable. Its so strange. Even someone who knows nothing about anything like this can see that it just isn’t right. When a whole team of CSI or whatever they are called goes through a house and doesn’t find the hollow walls yet a highly strung bitch wanders in and finds it easy you know that there just isn’t any sense in it.

The fact is I want something horrible to happen to Merchant. I definitely don’t want her to be right. She just continues to say the same thing over and over again without putting any context to anything. She’s actually so cold as a human being that it makes me sick. Even if Ivy ends up being a evil murderess, and lets not forget she was bloody thirteen so even if she is she was groomed, I’d still want her to win over Merchant. I can’t stand people who are so sure of themselves the whole time that they just crap over people and their feelings.

Not only that when Carne and Merchant marched up to the house to arrest her why didn’t they phone the uniforms outside the house to find out that she WASN’T there? Why are they so useless?

In fact this whole episode was the strangest so far. Tim should just walk out on his wife who calls him a child whilst acting like a child. “The mess you got us into” what the mess of not telling someone who he hadn’t seen for thirteen years that he was married? The only mess that made was the one in IVYS head not his damn wives. She’s being so unbelievably selfish that I’m not sure what the point of that story is. Have Tim be married to show how cruel dumping Ivy into a life thirteen years detached to what she knew but just leave it at that.

The episode didn’t just infuriate me with how uncaring and cold they were but it showed that if they weren’t so incompetent in the first place they might have gained some trust in Ivy. With Merchant so far treating her like a liar and a criminal why would she open up on something so traumatic? The second they start treating her like a victim and try to help her she opens up. How is that difficult? And if the one act of humanness we’ll get from Merchant is a tear when she listens to Ivy’s heartbreaking story then its a little bloody too late.

Eloise was by far the best in the episode. I loved her speech to Tim in the car about how she understood why he thought he was in love with Ivy. It was by far the sweetest thing that has happened other then some of Ivy and Emma’s bonding. I still can’t believe how strangely they’ve written Tim’s wife who has taken it really personally that her husband might need someone to talk to in a tough time. Its quite sad that his wife can’t understand him the way that Eloise does, if anything she should be seeking out answers to why he’s been effected the way he has instead of stomping around demanding him to apologise for one very unimportant thing.

What a ending though?

You see I complain a lot about this show but I love it all the same. I think it made me so emotionally attached to the story from the off that it annoys me to see Carne and Merchant blunder around. I’d rather be getting into the head of Ivy, getting the story straight with characters that seem to care about either Ivy or Phoebe. Carne is too changeable, it depends on whether he’s getting positive attention from either Ivy or Merchant. Merchant is just a straight up bitch. The one character I thought was going to break through to Ivy was the support worker (family liaison… Whatever) who got unceremoniously kicked out and never replaced at the families request after she left Ivy alone. We keep having Merchant and Carne screaming at us “OMG SHE’S LYING!!!” without ever putting a single thing into context.

So I get angry because no I’m no expert myself on things like this but at least I can see that there is obviously a scared girl sitting in front of them that has been through trauma we’ll never understand and treating her from day 1 like a criminal isn’t going to help! You kind of want one of them or their boss to stand up and go “right, being assholes to this kid hasn’t gotten us anywhere, forgetting that regardless of how she was treated or what was going on in this house she’s not really going to be a 26 year old she’s still going to be a teenager at heart. Maybe its about time we got someone with a sympathetic ear in to talk to her?” but they don’t. They flew over things like Stockholm Syndrome and grooming like it was no excuse for anything.

And it ended them up in the predicament they are in now.

Next episode poor Ivy has to go and meet White at Cabot Circus on her own. Of course she won’t be on her own but just the pain in her voice having to talk to him on a telephone in this episode shows how terrible this is going to be. But instead of treating her like a human and actually trying to find White those two have been treating Ivy like she’s a criminal and focused on abusing her mentally to have Ivy find White for them. Now Ivy is in danger, Phoebe is in danger and Merchant still has that look on her face ready to jump in at any given moment and go “look!!! See!!! She’s not reacting the way I, a normal person, would act. I know I wouldn’t act like that because I am a perfect human in every way.”

You can’t praise the episode more then having a 1000 word rant on why its made you really angry. If I didn’t like the show I wouldn’t be so angry.


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