Boku Dake ga Inai Machi : Joy

Episode 10

“Kanki” (歓喜)

Satoru and his friends have managed to save the life of Kayo but there are still two more victims that need to be saved.

When I said in the last review that there won’t be as much going into saving the other two victims I was right.

It was easy enough with Hiromi who was kind of in on it all anyway. He just took it with good faith and seems to be real happy in this episode that Satoru has taken the time to eliminate other people’s “alone” time. Regardless of whether or not he believes anything Satoru says he can see the positives in befriending people that need it.

Aya also ended up being easy. Satoru, Kenya and Hiromi just approached her to make friends but it was one of the other two (I can’t remember Osamu and Kazu from each other unfortunately, sorry about that) who become extremely close to her so by the mid-point of the anime Hiromi and Aya were both safe and Aya had joined their group.

Kenya asks Satoru if “this is it” and even knowing that he hasn’t got any kind of clue on where to go next Satoru knows that it isn’t the end of it.

That ending though?

I think it was pretty early in the anime that I started to be convinced that it was the teacher Yashiro. I don’t know why I suspected him, I think half the reason it was cemented was his story about trying to help Kayo. I really felt like something wasn’t really adding up. Then in the last episode it kind of hit me as odd he had so much candy in his car and the way he generally talked to Satoru. This time out he just so happened to be where he needed to be and the suspicions were right.

We leave the episode with the cliffhanger of Yashiro sending a car he’s trapped Satoru in rolling into ice cold water. This is after a lengthy talk in the car where Yashiro tells Satoru about why he does what he does and how he caught Satoru in his own trap.

The thing is sadly I have to say it isn’t surprising. Throughout the whole anime he’s been the person pushing Satoru to look out for people more and seemed to be a great teacher but that is what happens. People like to think that evil comes easily labelled  and it really honestly doesn’t. Just like anything depending on the evil inside people they will go towards jobs that give them the power that they need and that is why so many evil things are done by people with power over children. I’m happy in a way that it was Yashiro and not someone nameless and faceless or someone like Yuuki.

I also said that it would be interesting to see where destiny would lead them and seeing Satoru himself get thrust into that web itself was sadly poetic justice in a way.

If you mess with the past something has to replace what happened. By saving Kayo, Hiromi and Aya he gave three people lives that they never were meant to have. Which also meant that his personal time line would change, as would the time line of all the people around him. The fact that it then ended up with his time line in danger kind of harks back to the first time we saw him skip back in time and get injured saving the person from being run over. Sometimes the hand of fate when turned from hurting someone will have to hurt the person forcing it to turn.

In a way it was a better outcome then I thought of even though it was a horrible one as well.


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